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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Same Place, Different Feelings

Athena Chen & Joanna Chiu

Note:  In this article, the two authors are sharing their experiences visiting the same place - Qing Jing Farm.  Athena's story is in blue, and Joanna's story is in green.  We are publishing them together - in the same place and on the same page.  We hope you enjoy their stories.
Qing Jing Farm is a famous attraction in Taiwan. It is on Hehuan Mountain. Both of us have been there, but at different times with different people. Here are our stories.

All photos by the authors
       When I was a junior and the leader of the skating club, I went to Qing Jing Farm with my club. My club officers and I decided to take a trip with our club members, and we thought riding our motorcycles to Qing Jing Farm would be fun.

This winter vacation, I went to Qing Jing Farm with my family – my uncle, aunt and younger brother. We planned our trip very carefully. My aunt and I planned where we will go and found the hotel to stay in. My uncle was our driver, and my younger brother just enjoyed the trip.

We took country road 136. Although mountain roads have many turns and are very dangerous, we still decided to go this way. Along the way, there were many beautiful buildings such as a church and a Seven-Eleven that has a CartonKing store next door. CartonKing sells many decorations and furniture, all made from paper. The paper is very strong; it can even be a chair, table, windmill, lampshade, or cap. Everything at the shop was incredible! After you pass CartonKing, you will soon see Qing Jing Farm.

On the first day, we got up early and left home for Qing Jing Farm. I was happy and excited about this family trip, so I sang songs and chatted with my brother in the car. When we arrived at the hotel at 2:30, we all felt tired, especially my uncle. We rested for a while and then departed for Qing Jing Farm.

When we arrived at Qing Jing Farm, it was around twelve in the afternoon. We parked our motorcycles and had our lunch. There is a traditional market at Qing Jing with different kind of foods. One of my favorite foods in this market is the chicken roll. The chicken roll uses the same sausage skin as pork sausage, but there is no pork inside, only chicken. When you eat the chicken roll, it is juicy and delicious. Unfortunately, after lunch time, it started to rain.

In the afternoon, we went to the pasture to see the “sheep show;” unfortunately, the show wasn’t open on Wednesdays. Therefore, we went to the next place on our schedule – the Small Swiss Garden – and decided to see the sheep show sometime in the near future. The Small Swiss Garden was amazing; it was really beautiful, so I took lots of photos with my family. My uncle and brother visited by themselves and my aunt and I walked together. I enjoyed the moment with my aunt. The weather was perfect; we lay on the grass, chatted, and appreciated the “Swiss” scenery. One of my favorite sites was the windmill standing in the lake. It was spectacular and made me feel calm.

Because of the sudden rain, there were not many sheep out on the big farm; we saw only a few sheep in the sheep pen. People can feed and pet the sheep there, and it's all free (except for the fodder). At Qing Jing Farm there is a sheep show every afternoon except on Wednesdays. During this show, the shepherd will shave the sheep's wool and give it to the audience. You can also experience shaving the sheep's wool for yourself. Besides sheep, there are horses for you to ride. What a nice place to get close to animals and to nature!

When the sky became darker, we had dinner in the theme restaurant called “CartonKing.” The special thing about this restaurant was that almost everything was made from paper, including the tables and chairs! After dinner, we went into the Small Swiss Garden again to watch the fountain do its “Water-dance Show.” It was beautiful. Finally, we went back to our hotel to have a nice shower and a good dream.

On the second day, we went to the farm again to see the “sheep show”. The shepherds demonstrated their sheering routine. After watching this show, we climbed around the pasture. The most special experience on the pasture was that we met sheep everywhere. I touched one of the sheep that had already been sheered; it was greasy. I touched another sheep that still had all its wool; it was really ragged! It really changed my impressions about wool.

After such a long day, you will feel tired but very happy. I think people need to get out of the house and get close to nature. Maybe next time I will go to Wu Ling, climb higher and look afar for beautiful scenery.  I’m sure going to Wu Ling will be another different and memorable experience.

After looking around the pasture, we decided to go to Hehuan Mountain. The mountain road had many turns, which made me dizzy and uncomfortable. However, I really wanted to visit the mountain, so I pretended that I was fine. When we got to an even higher altitude, my uncle didn’t feel very well.  We gave up and prepared to go home.

Though it was a pity that I didn’t get to go to Hehuan Mountain, I really had a good time with my family. No matter what, I must go to Hehuan Mountain again to see the snow and make a snowman!

Both of us love Qing Jing Farm, but we think that our separate experiences were not perfect enough. Maybe one day we can visit Wu Ling or Hehuan Mountain together – that would be a perfect vacation!

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