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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Shark Bites Toast: A Restaurant Review

Sandy Chang & Cathy Huang

Shark Bites Toast is a famous restaurant with many locations in Taiwan. Every time we pass by the Feng Chia Shark Bites Toast, there are lots of people waiting outside. We were curious about why it was so popular, so we decided to make a visit.
When you get to Shark Bites Toast, you first notice that there are no walls! Actually, there ARE walls, but the building is made mainly of glass. This makes the shop look warm and bright from the outside at night. In addition, the shop is painted in two main colorsblack and yellow. These two colors make the shop look more friendly and charming. The waiters and waitresses at Shark Bites Toast are all friendly and charming, too. They not only sell food but also sell happiness to customers.

All photos by the authors
 Last week, we went to Shark Bites Toast in the evening. They sell light meal such as big sandwiches, waffles, and pudding toast. We ordered two meals. The first one was the Omelet in Sauce with Double Cheese sandwich. We were shocked by the huge size of sandwich. It was amazing that the pesto sauce really went well with the sandwich. Chips also came with the sandwich. Our other meal was the Banana Chocolate Waffle. When the waitress brought it to our table, we saw that the waffle had a ball of chocolate ice cream and sweet cream on it. The banana slices kept the waffle from being too sweet. Both the sandwich and waffle tasted really good – so good that we decide to visit Shark Bites Toast again soon.

We visited Shark Bites Toast for the second time the very next morning! When we saw the pictures of their breakfasts on the menu, two meals impressed us most. One was the Rover Classical Breakfast, which was a thick slice of ham, an egg, a bowl of salad, and two slices of toast. The other one was the Crispy French Breakfast, which was crispy French bread with cheese, some smoke chicken, and a bowl of salad. All of the breakfasts at Shark Bites Toast include a free drinkcoffee, black tea, or herbal tea.  We both had the black tea, our favorite drink.

Shark Bites Toast is a wonderful place for friends to get together. After visiting there twice, we suggest that you go there in the afternoon or in the evening. Just order some sandwiches and drinks. Then you can sit there and spend some time with your friends. Go try it! We believe that after you try it first time, you will probably want to visit again!

Shark Bites Toast
33 Fuxing Road, Taichung
Hours: 7:00 – 22:00

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