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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Library is Not Just for Studying!

Sandy Chang & Cathy Huang

For most people, the library is a place to study. For students at Feng Chia University, however, the library is not just for study; it’s also a great place to take a nap. But where in the library is the best place for us to sleep? Let’s go check out the library floor by floor.
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Let’s start from the first floor. After you come in the front door, look to your left. You will see some counters, some computers, and some sofas. The sofas are near the self-service checkout counter. It’s kind of noisy in this area because there are many people passing by, so we don’t think the first floor is a good place to sleep.

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Let’s go up to the second floor. On this floor, there are offices, classrooms, and a coffee shop. However, there aren’t any sofas in the coffee shop. Also, the smell of the coffee will keep you awake, so you won’t want to stay here. Let’s go to the third floor.

Here on the third floor, we can borrow DVDs and watch them on the computer. The seats are sofas, so you can also sleep here. Another place to take a rest is the group of sofas near the magazines. It’s one of the favorite places for students who love to sleep in the library, but sometimes it’s a little bit hot. Let’s keep climbing – up to the top floor.

Half of the fourth floor is offices, and half is for studying. There are no sofas on this floor. It’s really upsetting that there are no comfortable sofas on any of the floors we have visited. However, there is still one more floor where we can look for a good place to sleep B1. In the basement, over next to the magazines and the newspapers, there are LOTS of sofas. Moreover, the area is quiet and the temperature moderate – perfect for a deep sleep. We think we have found the best place to sleep in the library.
The FCU library is not only a place for studying, but also a place for us to take a short rest. So, when you are really tired after studying hard, go find a comfortable sofa, take a short nap, and then keep going on with your school work.

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