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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Tug of War - Where Everyone is Equal

Terry Lee & Grace Wang

Tug of war is a traditional activity at FCU, but most students may think tug of war is a sport that requires some special talent or skill. In fact, tug of war is a simple sport. Everyone is equal; even those people who are not good at exercising can do really well.

All photos by the authors

Tug of war generally is viewed as a tough activity where participants need skill, talent, and strength, but this thought is wrong. Skill, talent, and strength are not vital in tug of war. If you want to be good at tug of war, you just have to practice a lot and persist in it.
    Like other things, being good at tug of war requires an investment. To be a champion, you have to spend a lot of time practicing, and the process is not easy at all. To finish the training, you need strength, patience, and time. Having faith that victory is close and possible is the only way to win the competition.

Proud winners receiving their prize

    You may get hurt or feel tired during the training, but the effort is worth it in the end. If you win the competition, the pleasure and the sense of accomplishment are the greatest things in the world. If you lose, everything about tug of war that you experience will be a wonderful memory forever. Whether you win or lose is not important, the process is more valuable than the result.

    No matter how talented or skillful you are – or you are not – everyone is equal in tug of war. Although you need to put a lot of time, strength, and spirit into it, you will get lots of wonderful memories.

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