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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Two Major Problems at FCU

Terry Lee & Grace Wang

Feng Chia University is located in a very prosperous area of the city and has great facilities for both teachers and students. While everything at FCU seems great, there are still some annoying problems. A poor Wi-Fi connection and traffic congestion are the two major problems at FCU.

Now, many students bring their smart phones or laptops to class. As long as you are a student at FCU, you can use the school’s free Wi-Fi. It is very convenient. However, too many devices linking to the limited bandwidth at the same time makes it almost impossible for users to view webpages easily. Some students are “smart” and use their phones to log on to Facebook during class, but this means that other people who need to find information for academic purposes may have trouble getting online. This is a serious problem, so we propose two solutions.

First, we hope that the school could increase the Wi-Fi bandwidth and forbid the use of Facebook through FCU's Wi-Fi. Second, we would like to suggest that all students (including the authors) should try not to use their smart phones or laptops for entertainment too frequently while they are on campus.

Photo by the authors

FCU is located on a very prosperous area of the city. The lanes and alleys in the neighborhood are really narrow and, because of limited space, many shop and stall owners use public space to do business. Public space is even more crowded because lots of people park their cars and scooters illegally.  This means that pedestrians often have to walk in the street with the traffic, and because lots of people like to visit the FCU area, the streets are really dangerous.  These problems are very annoying and make life inconvenient (and dangerous!). Therefore, we would like to make the following suggestions.

Photo by the authors

First, the police should strictly ban illegal shops and stalls along the streets and give tickets to people who park their cars and scooters in red zones. Second, we hope that the school can make an alternative road for vehicles to get onto campus rather than everyone trying to get in by Feng Chia Road. Third, we should all be careful when we walk on the streets around school. When we ride our scooters, we should remind ourselves to watch for pedestrians and to park in legal parking places.

Although these two problems will be difficult to solve, if everyone could be more rational, objective, and considerate, the situation could be improved through wisdom.

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