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Sunday, October 7, 2012

YouTube - The Best Entertainment for Students

Celeste Jheng & Serena Chen

Nowadays, our society is full of entertainment.  However, we think there are many reasons why YouTube is the best resource of entertainment for college students.
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First, YouTube is low-cost entertainment.  College students don’t have much money to spend on entertainment, so YouTube’s free videos are very suitable for them.  Then YouTube is easy to access and share.  College students can use laptops, pads, and cell phones to visit YouTube wherever they are.  Through Facebook, Plurk, and blogs, they can share YouTube videos easily.  In addition, there are lots of short videos or excerpts on YouTube. The videos are short, so students can watch them on YouTube when they are taking a short break from their studies.

         Next, YouTube has a lot of videos on a great variety of topics.  Students can watch TV programs such as news programs, animations, soap operas, and variety shows.  Students can also watch videos that individuals have uploaded onto YouTube. If students like funny videos, they can watch “kuso” videos or videos of cute animals or babies. If they prefer exciting videos, students can choose videos about sports or racing; and if they just want to relax, they can find a symphony performance to watch.

Sometimes students just need to take a break while they are working hard on their studies, and YouTube meets students’ needs.  YouTube is not only low-cost entertainment; it’s also easily accessible, fast, and offers diverse content.  The next time you feel burned out from too much studying or if you just need something to cheer you up, you should visit YouTube.

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