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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Basketball Is the Sport We Love

Stanley Hsu & Boting Chen

    Everyone knows that exercise is good for us. However, there are many different kinds of exercise; how do choose the best one for you? The sport we love best is basketball. We find basketball attractive and challenging because it is exciting and requires cooperation and strategy. 

As an old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” Basketball players have to train rigorously before showing off their amazing skills in front of the audience on a basketball court. Everyone knows that the most fundamental and indispensable part of training is physical strength and endurance. This could be gained from running, lifting weights, or swimming regularly. Moreover, basketball is not just about physical ability. Basketball expertise is also important. Skillful dribbling, consolidated defense, and aggressive scoring are the heart and soul of basketball. If basketball players can’t keep running till the last moment or if they lack basketball expertise, they could lose the game.

In addition to physical strength and special skills, strategy and teamwork are indispensable on the basketball court. Stanley and Boting, for example, have to cooperate with each other on the basketball court by passing the ball and setting screens in an effort to score the last point and secure the victory before the final buzzer sounds. If they don’t have teamwork and intelligence, they could lose the game and regret it for the rest of their lives.

Why do basketball players work so hard on increasing their strength and endurance, learning new strategies, and improving their teamwork? Well, how could they win without those qualities? Every basketball player plays to win, and every team wants to stand on the stage as champions and hear the applause of their fans.

Basketball teaches us a lot.  In the learning process, we grow stronger, focus on our goal, and work hard to make our dreams come true.  Therefore, we highly recommend the sport of basketball because it not only allows you to stay healthy but also teaches you a philosophy of life

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