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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Love Fried Rice

Sandy Chang & Cathy Huang

Ah-Po Fried Rice is a small shop which sells fried rice and noodles near Feng Chia University. Although Ah-Po Fried Rice seems too small to notice, most of the students in Feng Chia University know about it. We often visit Ah-Po Fried Rice, so we decided to write down the story behind the small shop.

All photos by the authors
Ah-Po is the owner of Ah-Po Fried Rice; she is 73 years old. Ah-Po is very optimistic and friendly and always wears a smile on her face. She does all the work in the shop, including cooking, waiting on tables, and washing the plates. Why does she need to work? She is so old that she should have retired a long time ago. Ah-Po’s son’s business failed, and he owed the bank lots of money. He couldn’t even afford to take care of himself and his family. Although Ah-Po was very disappointed in her son's business failure, she still decided to help her son and take care of his family. This is the reason why Ah-Po opened the shop.

Ah-Po Fried Rice is located on Xi’an Street, near the Feng Chia University gym. It is a small shop and has few seats. It looks like the dining room in someone’s homesmall, but neat and clean. We often order the chicken fried rice because it’s delicious. The most important thing is that the fried rice and noodles Ah Po makes are filled with Ah-Po’s LOVE.

As Ah-Po Fried Rice became more famous, more people visited it. Now, we can read about Ah-Po Fried Rice not only in the newspapers but also on the Internet. Last year, the Knight bicycle team from Hsinchu bought 50 fried rice boxed lunches from Ah-Po Fried Rice and delivered them to old people who live alone. By doing this, they helped both Ah-Po and the old people. In addition, students often come and help Ah-Po and don’t ask to be paid. To those students, Ah-Po is their grandmother, and they love to help her.

The food at Ah-Po Fried Rice is both cheap and delicious. However, there is another, more important, reason why Ah-Po Fried Rice is so popular. The most important reason why so many people visit the shop is the touching story behind it – and the woman whose love gives her dishes their special flavor.


Ah-Po Fried Rice

267 Xi'an Street, Taichung
Hours: 7:00 – 22:00

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