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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"The Devil Wears Prada" - Movie Review

Athena Chen & Joanna Chiu

After our midterm exam, we decided to relax by seeing a movie. Our friends told us that The Devil Wears Prada is a wonderful movie. After seeing the movie, we discovered that it was not just funny, but had depth. No wonder our friends liked it.

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The Devil Wears Prada is about Andrea Sachs (Andy), who had just finished university and wanted to be a writer for a famous magazine. She applied for a job at the top fashion magazine, “Runway,” and got the job! Unfortunately, she has a lot of trouble with her boss, Miranda. Because Andy and Miranda have very different personalities, they don’t get along very well.
In the beginning of the movie, Andy dressed and acted like she had no idea about how to be a modern, fashionable girl. For example, she had an onion bagel just before her interview for her job.  Moreover, after she got the job, she wore her “grandmother skirt,” and her “size six" dresses to work. Her style seemed kind of dark, and her make-up was not professional. When Nigel, Miranda’s top fashion editor, told Andy that she needed to be more passionate about her job, she started to change. Andy became more confident than before, and everything seemed to go more smoothly.  She gained Miranda’s trust and attended an important party. However, even though she was successful at her job, her life was still not perfect. She was paying so much attention to her job that she lost her friends – and her boyfriend! After Miranda told Andy that she was more like her, Andy began to think about whether this kind of life was making her happy. At the end of the movie, Andy changed again.

To represent the energy pulsing through a great city (the movie took place in New York), music using a lot of guitar and percussion is used throughout the movie. String instruments, like the piano, are also used to reflect how relaxed Andy felt when she finally “found herself.” Now, whenever I hear that music, that scene comes to mind.

At the beginning of the movie, Andy was a normal person who didn’t care about the details in her life; Miranda thought that her job was her entire life. As the movie continues, however, Andy realizes that she doesn't need to change her appearance; she needs to change her mind.  Miranda, on the other hand, discovers that work is not the most important thing in life – that there must be something that makes life worth living.

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