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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What is the Porco Theater? - A Restaurant Review

Annie Ju

This October, I started a special project: coffee dream traveling. I planned to go to a different coffee shop to perform music each weekend. Because of this project, I have been to more coffee shops, and now I would like to introduce my favorite coffee shop to you: Porco Theater.

All photos by the author

Porco Theater is located in Taichung near Citizen’s Park.  Porco Theater is small, but its design is bright and warm. It is big enough to hold only about five tables, so there aren’t that many seats. There is also a bar where people can sit and see how the coffee is made. The owner has an old record player and a large collection of LPs, and you can request your favorite kind of music. The coffee shop is as warm and comfortable as your home. The first time I went to Porco Theater, I asked the boss why he gave his coffee shop such an interesting name.  He told me that he loved the movie Porco Rosso by Miyazaki Hayao, and he especially liked the leading actor. He said that he thinks that everyone is the “leading actor” because they come to the coffee shop for different reasons.

There are four sections to the Porco menu: beverages, meals, desserts, and coffees. Of course, the coffee is the most important part. Honestly, I didn’t like to drink coffee before because I thought it tasted bitter.  However, on my first visit, I chose the Litchi Honey Coffee. The coffee was really tasty and milky; the flavor was full of Litchi, honey and milk. Because it had such a strong flavor, I thought it was really smooth and totally suited to my taste.

In recent years, a restaurant’s service has become more and more important, and Porco Theater’s boss gave me excellent service.  He spent a long time to introduce the menu to me, and he didn’t force me to order coffee. Not only that; he was really talkative! He answered all of my questions patiently. The most important thing is that the owner does not care how long his guests stay; they can even spend the whole day! He only wants them to enjoy their experience at Porco Theater.

Since I started my project, I have been to about 10 coffee shops. Every coffee shop has its specialty. In my opinion, the service and the decoration are the most interesting for me. If you have the same taste as mine, I would really recommend Porco Theater.  Everyone has to go there at least once.

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