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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Challenge Your Limit - Spinning

Celeste Jheng

The sport center at Feng Chia University offers many courses such as aerobics, hip-hop dancing, and “spinning”.  You can choose one of these courses according to your interests.  Today I’d like to tell you about the course called “spinning.

Spinning is an indoor sport.  You can use a spinning machine to do this exercise in the gym or the sport center.  If you want to join this class, check the time when the sport center offers spinning courses and sign up for the class.  You have to reach the sport center five minutes before the class starts and pay a fee.  If you are not a member of the sport center, it costs 50 NT dollars to participate in this class.  After paying your fee, go to the sixth floor.  Remember to take a towel and a bottle of water.  When you go into the classroom, you will see that there are many bikes fixed to the floor and a big mirror on the wall.  You can watch yourself while you are riding.

Last Tuesday was my first visit to the spinning class, so I was really curious about it.  Fortunately, I met a woman who was kind enough to tell me how to use the spinning machine.  Because the way I used the spinning machine, she asked me if it was my first time to the spinning class.  When I said that it was my first time, she told me that I should adjust the derailleur while I stood up to ride the bike; otherwise, I might get hurt.  I was grateful to her for telling me how to use the spinning machine.

During class, the teacher will tell you when to do which action.  You should follow the teacher’s introduction step by step.  When you are tired, the teacher will encourage you to keep on riding.  The teacher will always tell you that you are not alone that there are many people around you riding their spinning bicycles.  Just keep on riding and never give up.

Spinning is a popular course.  I think participating in this course was a special experience for me.  Although it is very tiring to do this exercise, I think it is a good way for people to challenge themselves.  Just like the spinning teacher told me, “Keep on riding and never give up.”  You will have a sense of accomplishment when you finish the spinning class.  If you want to push yourself to your limit, go to the sport center and sign up for the spinning class!

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