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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to Pass the FCU Swimming Test

Serena Chen

At Feng Chia University (FCU), students are required to swim 25 meters.  Most students pass their swimming test because they already know how to swim.  For those who cannot swim, here are some tips.

Photo by the author

First, choose your PE teachers wisely.  Some PE teachers are not strict about the swimming test.  If you choose their classes and follow their rules, it’s more likely that you can pass the swimming test without actually swimming 25 meters.  Some PE teachers may let students take the swimming test more than one time.  Some PE teachers may let the students pass if their swimming skill has improved.  However, this doesn’t mean that students don’t need to make an effort.  They still do.  Students should try their best to learn how to swim.

For those students who want to learn how to swim, there are make-up classes after school.  These classes are free, extra swimming classes.  Students may sign up for these classes at the beginning of the semester.  These classes are held from six to eight p.m. from Monday to Friday.  During these classes, students can make some friends and together learn how to swim. 

It’s better for students to help each other than for one teacher to help many students.  Having a swimming companion is important; you can help each other when the teacher is busy with other classmates.  In addition, ask your close friends who are good at swimming to teach you how to swim outside class.  This way, you can have a personal lifeguard beside you.  Learning to swim will become much easier and happier.

If you have tried all of the above tips and STILL can’t swim 25 meters, I suggest that you learn to swim the backstroke.  The backstroke is the easiest swimming stroke. The biggest problem you have to conquer is floating; after that, there is nothing that can stop you from moving forward.  The advantage of the backstroke is that you don’t need to learn how to alternate your breathing, which takes a lot of time to learn and get used to.

I believe that the saying, “no pain, no gain” is true.  Try not to let excuses like, “I’m afraid of water” or, “I can’t swim” stop you from succeeding.  Finally, each FCU student can use the gym or the pool three times for free each semester.  You should use this benefit to practice swimming.  It’s also a great excuse to ask friends to practice swimming together. 

I hope these tips can really help you pass the swimming test. Keep trying hard and never give up; you can make it!

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