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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Is FCU The Animal Kingdom?

Stanley Hsu & Boting Chen

All schools are educational paradises where students sniff their noses at textbooks the whole day, do their labs, and cram for exams.  Feng Chia University, however, is also a small animal kingdom where people can have a close interaction with animals. When Feng Chia students are tired of working on their assignments, they can take a break by feeding squirrels, walking through crowds of sparrows, and watching some special birds walking freely around the campus lawns.  


All photos by Mr. Lasley, who couldn't wait any longer!
The Malay Night Herons are probably the most amazing birds at Feng Chia University. There are actually two of them. The female, 阿德, has a really attractive feature on her neck – an iridescent bluish feather. The male one has no name because of its unflattering appearance.

These birds are often seen either walking freely around on the beautiful campus or randomly excreting on students’ heads. However, they are still lovely creatures in student’s eyes.

Being ambushed by bird poop from the sky is not the only thing FCU students have to be careful of. They should also be careful that their clothes are not torn apart by evil squirrels. Squirrels always appear in front of crowds, and many tourists are surprised and excited when they see these squirrels for the first time.

Many tourists feed them a variety of foods such as bread crumbs, pineapples, and sandwiches – which is totally wrong! Human food is extremely detrimental to their health. We hope that everyone can remember this and protect FCU’s squirrels and keep their small ecosystem in balance.

When people scatter bread crumbs for the squirrels, you will often see an interesting picture – squirrels fighting with sparrows for food! Many students think the sparrows are the most irritating and annoying birds on campus. As you walk by the College of Engineering building you will see thousands of them sort of crawling on the ground devouring bread crumbs. They look just like tennis balls because of their unusually big size and fat round bellies. They can hardly even fly, which is pretty silly for a bird.

There are many animals on campus, including sparrows, squirrels and the most special birds, Malay Night Herons. Because we share our campus with these animals, student life here at Feng Chia is much more interesting.

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