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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Life Is Creativity!

Sandy Chang & Cathy Huang

Almost all bookstores sell books, magazines, pencils, rulers, and other things we need for school. However, nowadays, we can also find lots of creative products at bookstores.
Sometimes, creative products are designed to make our lives more convenient; sometimes, they are created just to make us laugh. If you go to the bookstore here at Feng Chia University, you can see lots of cute little things that are designed in many shapes. All of them are designed to bring us fun.

Photo by the authors

One interesting brand sold in the FCU bookstore is SB∞BS. It is designed by the Do More Idea Company in Taiwan. “It’s our turn to stab back the back stabber!” This is the belief of the Do More Idea Company. In the beginning, their business wasn’t very successful. The designers were not satisfied with the factories that made their products; the products were not the same as their original design. Then the company held many meetings and had many discussions.  Finally, the well-known brand “SB∞BS” was born.
All non-photo images courtesy do-more idea 

     SB∞BS products really impressed us a lot. Most SB∞BS products are shaped like a person. You can imagine this toy is a person you dislike and use the SB∞BS toy to take your revenge. These toys give us a good opportunity to torture someone that we dislike. For example, one of the products is a piggy bank. However, the piggy bank is NOT a piggy. It’s a person who has a big butt. The weird thing is the coins are put in its BUTT. How do you get them out? You just twist the guy’s head, and you can get the coins out.

     Another product is a person’s head with a big mouth. Imagine a person preaching to you a lot, telling you what to do and what not to do, and you can stuff anything you want into his/her mouth such as a pen, a scissors, even a plant! In this way, he/she will finally be unable to say anything you don’t like.

     More and more creative products are appearing on the market. Creativity is playing a more and more important role in Taiwan business. Many students now study design and bring lots of creations to the market even before their graduation. Feng Chia University has also noticed this trend and has established a new Design department. Although the Design department has only a master’s degree program, it will have a bachelor degree program in the near future. Furthermore, the Focus store at Feng Chia University (next door to the Family Mart) sells creative products designed by students and teachers at our school.

     Interesting creations not only bring us joy but also help make the economy stronger. Young people can show their talent by creating new and interesting products. The example of SB∞BS teaches us that we should pursue our dreams and make our dreams come true.

Do More Idea Company

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