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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You Have to Listen at Least Once! A Review of Jessie J

Annie Ju

My iPhone is full of pop music. Although I change the albums from time to time, Jessie J is one singer whose music I have kept in my phone ever since I first heard her sing. She is my favorite singer. I love not only her voice but also her attitude. Her album is called, “Who You Are.”

Jessie J is from the UK. When she was young, she joined a chorus. Her voice was very loud, so the other chorus members’ parents didn’t want Jessie J to sing with their children. When she got older, Jessie J studied music at college with Adele. Jessie seldom judges people, but she said that Adele was “great.”

On this album, “Who You Are”, you can hear different music styles such as pop, rock, hip-hop and even reggae. This album is not a commercial album; it is the Jessie J’s music story. Every song is about her thinking. She wants to use her music to encourage people and even impact people.

I would like to introduce two songs to you. The first one is “Who You Are.” This is my favorite song on this album. When I listened to it the first time, I cried a lot. The lyric is very touching. It is about life. The rhythm is powerful and penetrating. The acoustic version has just one guitar but it is enough. A good voice doesn’t need too many decorations.

The second song is called, “Price Tag.” Why do I love it? This is a fast song, so it has a lot of energy.  Moreover, the lyrics are easy to remember - “money, money, money …” The song is about attitude. We should work for love, not for money. Money is less important than happiness. Compared to pop music, her music has her own style and expresses her beliefs.

     Jessie J said, “No matter what happens today, tomorrow is going to be OK.” What encouraging words! One year ago, she said this to herself and kept working hard. Now she can stand on any big stage she wants. If you like her attitude or love her powerful, soulful voice, you will like her album. It is absolutely worthy listening to – at least once!

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