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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Get Inline!

Joanna  Chiu & Athena Chen

When I was a freshman, my roommate invited me to join the FCU Roller Skating Club. However, I rejected the idea because I had too many classes and was on the volleyball team.
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        Now, I am a senior, and my roommate invited me again to watch the FCU Roller Skating Club members’ performance and dance. The show was amazing because they danced without falling down even though they wore roller skates! Some performers even performed dangerous stunts like it was an extreme sport.  The performance was so cool that I decided to join the club to learn more skating skills. I hope I will become a performer like them one day.

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        The Roller Skating Club has practice every Thursday. They also have hockey games, but I have never participated because I am very afraid that it is too hard for me, and all of the other members seem very professional. Every two months, the club holds a big activity with the other universities. One of the special activities that I joined is Christmas Skating; every Christmas, members of school skating clubs skate around Taichung city.

        We skated around Tunghai University on October 16th last year. The Tunghai roller skating club leader introduced their campus, including their farm and their famous landmark, Tunghai Church. The deepest impression I had was of skating down a long hill; we were going so fast that I couldn't handle it, and finally I lost control and fell down. Luckily, I didn't get hurt because I was protected by my safety equipment. When they saw I had fallen, others came quickly to help me stand up on my feet and cheer me up. They really did make me feel better.

        Being in the FCU Roller Skating Club not only keeps me slim and healthy, but also teaches me some useful skills.  I have learned to solve problems efficiently, and improved my leadership skills. Besides that, if club members get good enough at skating, our coach will let them know about part-time coaching jobs they can get to pick up little extra money. These jobs are mostly teaching children between the ages of 3 and 15 how to move forward and backward and how to stop. Sometimes, teachers will teach them figure skating.

        If I could go back in time, I would definitely join the Roller Skating Club when I was still a freshman. It has taken me too much valuable time just to find out that roller skating is a fun, challenging, and exciting sport. Now I am really happy that I have been lucky enough to join the FCU Roller Skating Club because it is a big, happy, and warm second home for me.

The Library is Not Just for Studying!

Sandy Chang & Cathy Huang

For most people, the library is a place to study. For students at Feng Chia University, however, the library is not just for study; it’s also a great place to take a nap. But where in the library is the best place for us to sleep? Let’s go check out the library floor by floor.
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Let’s start from the first floor. After you come in the front door, look to your left. You will see some counters, some computers, and some sofas. The sofas are near the self-service checkout counter. It’s kind of noisy in this area because there are many people passing by, so we don’t think the first floor is a good place to sleep.

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Let’s go up to the second floor. On this floor, there are offices, classrooms, and a coffee shop. However, there aren’t any sofas in the coffee shop. Also, the smell of the coffee will keep you awake, so you won’t want to stay here. Let’s go to the third floor.

Here on the third floor, we can borrow DVDs and watch them on the computer. The seats are sofas, so you can also sleep here. Another place to take a rest is the group of sofas near the magazines. It’s one of the favorite places for students who love to sleep in the library, but sometimes it’s a little bit hot. Let’s keep climbing – up to the top floor.

Half of the fourth floor is offices, and half is for studying. There are no sofas on this floor. It’s really upsetting that there are no comfortable sofas on any of the floors we have visited. However, there is still one more floor where we can look for a good place to sleep B1. In the basement, over next to the magazines and the newspapers, there are LOTS of sofas. Moreover, the area is quiet and the temperature moderate – perfect for a deep sleep. We think we have found the best place to sleep in the library.
The FCU library is not only a place for studying, but also a place for us to take a short rest. So, when you are really tired after studying hard, go find a comfortable sofa, take a short nap, and then keep going on with your school work.

Levi's is Nothing if Not Fashion

Stanley  Hsu & Boting Chen

When you think of fashion, one of the world’s famous and popular clothing brands that come into your mind is surely Levi’s. Levi’s is a fashionable brand. They have their own store. Fashionable atmosphere, excellent quality, and reasonably priced garments are characteristics that make the Levi's store different.  Most importantly, Levi’s sales clerks provide great service for all customers. This is what gives Levi’s a soul. Let’s take a look inside the Feng Chia business district’s Levi's store.

All photos by the authors
         The first time we saw the store, we were attracted by the fancy red “Levi’s” logo hanging above the store. The logo attracts thousands of Levi’s worshippers every year, and just like other fashion worshippers, we couldn’t resist the temptation to take a peek at the variety of products in the store. As soon as we stepped through the door of the store, we were totally overwhelmed by the incredible number of products. As we walked on the marble tile of the store we were overwhelmed, period. We were dizzy and speechless; we just couldn’t stop turning around and looking at the incredible number of products in a variety of colors.
While we were still recovering from our first shock, a leggy, pretty blonde sales clerk appeared in front of us four cave men and asked in a heavenly voice, “How are you guys today?” No one could have been nicer and kinder as she patiently introduced every single item. We were completely impressed by her manners and service – and her big, friendly smile. We all loved shopping at the store, that’s for sure.

       But what kinds of clothes do they have? At the Levi’s store, they offer a wide array of products that will draw a lot of clothing-hunters attentions. All of the T-shirts in the store are made of one hundred percent, non-pilling cotton. Of course, their durable jeans are their hottest item. Even though the prices are little bit high for poor college students like us, Levi’s high quality and reputation are their heart and soul.  

       Levis is a fantastic store that has a magical power to attract and keep loyal customers. Levi’s is probably not the most fashionable clothing store in the world, but it’s definitely a place you and your friends will want to visit soon.

413 Fu Hsing Road (near the Feng Chia Road intersection)
Hours: 11:30-22:00

YouTube - The Best Entertainment for Students

Celeste Jheng & Serena Chen

Nowadays, our society is full of entertainment.  However, we think there are many reasons why YouTube is the best resource of entertainment for college students.
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First, YouTube is low-cost entertainment.  College students don’t have much money to spend on entertainment, so YouTube’s free videos are very suitable for them.  Then YouTube is easy to access and share.  College students can use laptops, pads, and cell phones to visit YouTube wherever they are.  Through Facebook, Plurk, and blogs, they can share YouTube videos easily.  In addition, there are lots of short videos or excerpts on YouTube. The videos are short, so students can watch them on YouTube when they are taking a short break from their studies.

         Next, YouTube has a lot of videos on a great variety of topics.  Students can watch TV programs such as news programs, animations, soap operas, and variety shows.  Students can also watch videos that individuals have uploaded onto YouTube. If students like funny videos, they can watch “kuso” videos or videos of cute animals or babies. If they prefer exciting videos, students can choose videos about sports or racing; and if they just want to relax, they can find a symphony performance to watch.

Sometimes students just need to take a break while they are working hard on their studies, and YouTube meets students’ needs.  YouTube is not only low-cost entertainment; it’s also easily accessible, fast, and offers diverse content.  The next time you feel burned out from too much studying or if you just need something to cheer you up, you should visit YouTube.

The Tug of War - Where Everyone is Equal

Terry Lee & Grace Wang

Tug of war is a traditional activity at FCU, but most students may think tug of war is a sport that requires some special talent or skill. In fact, tug of war is a simple sport. Everyone is equal; even those people who are not good at exercising can do really well.

All photos by the authors

Tug of war generally is viewed as a tough activity where participants need skill, talent, and strength, but this thought is wrong. Skill, talent, and strength are not vital in tug of war. If you want to be good at tug of war, you just have to practice a lot and persist in it.
    Like other things, being good at tug of war requires an investment. To be a champion, you have to spend a lot of time practicing, and the process is not easy at all. To finish the training, you need strength, patience, and time. Having faith that victory is close and possible is the only way to win the competition.

Proud winners receiving their prize

    You may get hurt or feel tired during the training, but the effort is worth it in the end. If you win the competition, the pleasure and the sense of accomplishment are the greatest things in the world. If you lose, everything about tug of war that you experience will be a wonderful memory forever. Whether you win or lose is not important, the process is more valuable than the result.

    No matter how talented or skillful you are – or you are not – everyone is equal in tug of war. Although you need to put a lot of time, strength, and spirit into it, you will get lots of wonderful memories.

Cell-phone People

Annie Ju

My first part time job was working in a communication company. I gained a lot of experience while working there, but more importantly, I learned a lot about people.
One thing I discovered was that most people ask the same questions. For example, they ask which phone is the bestseller or if there is any discount. They also ask which plan is the best.  However, my customers were also very different in some ways.

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I discovered that younger people and older people want different things when they buy a cell phone. When younger people come to the store, they always want the most fashionable models. Furthermore, they are interested in the phone’s entertainment and information functions. Boys love the games and music functions; however, the girls like the camera function, and they especially like the online information functions because they can shop online just like normal shopping!

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Unlike younger people, older men and women want the same things when they look for a cell phone. Older people, no matter whether they are male or female, are not interested in fancy functions. They just want simple models; they are fond of saving money, so they just want the basic style.  Just a basic phone without camera, Bluetooth and music is acceptable. Not only that; more older people than younger people bargain on the price.

        From my experience working at a communication company, I learned not only about the newest technology and how to interact with customers, I also discovered a lot about people.