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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Google Maps - Don't Leave Home Without It!

Celeste Jheng

Nowadays, technology is everywhere; people are even using electronic maps now!  The difference between traditional maps and electronic maps is that traditional maps are more inconvenient to use than electronic maps.  In the past, it was troublesome to use a traditional map because you had to take it everywhere and fold it up after you had used it.  However, electronic maps are common on smart phones, so they are more convenient.  Because electronic maps such as Yahoo Map and Google Map are now common, I’d like to tell you how to use one of these electronic maps.

An electronic map like Google Map provides many functions for you.  You can use it to find out where you are, search for the place you want to go, or search for a public transportation route.  When you go to a place the first time and want to know how to reach your destination, you can use the electronic map on your cell phone.  First, make sure your cell phone can log onto the Internet.  Then use Google map to search for your destination.  Next, use the route planning function to find out how to reach your destination.  After that, open the position function.  When you use the position function, you will see a target pointing to where you are.  You can look at the target and follow the route to reach your destination.

You can also use an electronic map on your computer.  However, the electronic map interface on the smart phone and the computer are just a little different.  We just saw that on a smart phone, you have to go through many steps to get the route to your destination.  However, on a computer, you just have to set the starting point and the terminal point and then click on the “route planning” button.  You route will be planned for you in just three easy steps! No matter which device you use, electronic maps help you find the best route to your destination quickly and easily.

Electronic maps are now common. Electronic maps aren’t like traditional maps that you have to fold up after use; you can take an electronic map everywhere as long as you have a cell phone which can surf the Internet.  Remember, however, that while electronic maps are very useful when you are going to a place for the first time, you should be sure to be familiar with the operation of the electronic map before starting your trip!

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