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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

MR. CHEF'S Taste of Italy - A Restaurant Review

Terry Lee

MR.CHEF'S has two locations in Taichung city; both locations are on major roads, so they are very easy to find. At MR. CHEF’s, they serve both lunch and dinner, and the prices are reasonable – perfect for FCU students.

All photos by the author
I visited the Dadun Road location. The restaurant is neat and clean and filled with yellow light. When you enter the restaurant, you will first see a beautiful bar with lots of fancy plates and cups on it. The tables and chairs are arranged very neatly around the room, and there are a lot of special pictures hanging on the walls. The decoration gives the restaurant a relaxing atmosphere.

At MR. CHEF’S, they sell a variety of Italian noodles, salads, breads, beverages, coffees, and desserts. They have five kinds of Italian noodle dishes, including cream, tomato, pesto, Thai, and chili sauces. When you order a main course, you also get bread, a salad, and your choice of beverage. They only have one kind of bread, but it's tasty. They offer two types of salads – shrimp and cheese – and many types of beverages. Their beverages include iced tea, soft drinks, apple vinegar, juice, milk tea, and, of course, coffee.

I was hungry the night I visited MR. CHEF’S, so I ordered the spaghetti with vegetables in tomato sauce. I also choose a cheese salad and a cola. Before the waiter delivered the main course, he also gave me a cup of icy apple vinegar. The waiter was very polite and friendly. He showed me how to eat my bread with their special sauce. All in all, the service at MR. CHEF’S was very good.

The food, service, and ambience at MR. CHEF’S were also wonderful. The most important thing is that the price of my meal was really low! Therefore I strongly recommend this restaurant to all my readers!

244 Tung Hsing Road, Section 3, Taichung
811 Dadun Road, Taichung
Hours: 11:30 – 21:00

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