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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Sweetest Dream - The UK!

Annie Ju

Before I became a university student, I went with group of students to the UK to study for one month. This experience was just like a dream. I would like to share my sweetest UK dreams with you all.

I studied in two places during my study tour - Edinburgh, Scotland and London, England. I preferred both the people and the culture in Edinburgh. I spent two weeks there. During those two weeks, a famous local activity took place: Edinburgh International Art Festival. There were many street artists all along Royal Road, the biggest road in Edinburgh. The street artists performed on the street for free, and if you liked their short street performance, you could go to see their whole performance by buying a ticket. Did I pay to watch? Yes, but only one time. I still remember this group. They were energetic and liked to play tricks. You can see them in the video below.

(Video by the author - 2 minutes)
While the festival was exciting, the best thing about my stay in Edinburgh was making a good friend there. My friend and I were in the same class. We chatted a lot during the day, and after class we went to her apartment for fun. The day I left, we both cried a lot. I didn’t realize that in those two weeks we had created such a close friendship; we still keep in touch. Because of the beautiful people and wonderful festival, I loved Edinburgh.

(Video by the author - 11 minutes)

After my classes in Edinburgh ended, I went to London. This city was really different from Edinburgh. I saw many black people on the street there, and I felt that I was always in a rush. I saw four operas while I was in London. My favorite one was “Les Misérables.” Maybe I didn’t understand the lyrics, but I did feel the sorrow that the actors expressed. I even broke into tears during the final scene. People told me that when British people have forgotten an opera, they will go to see the opera again and again. No wonder they have such a good sense of literature and art. I also went to several museums, and all of them were free! I had heard that before I went on my trip, but when I got there, I still felt shocked and a bit jealous.

Before I left home, I had also heard people say, “British food is the worst food in the world.” I am not sure that is true or not; however, I do know that I love “fish and chips.” I think I could survive in the UK just by eating only this dish. When you go there, you have to try it!   

I can’t say that I grew up during this amazing trip, but I did learn that English is an important tool. If you can communicate with people in English, you won’t encounter too many problems. Also, traveling to different countries changes people; it lets you see the world differently. When I have saved enough money, I plan to go back to the UK – and I will enjoy every moment of it. I love the UK!

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