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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reaching For The Stars - An Interview With Annie Ju

Sandy Chang & Cathy Huang

Annie Ju is our classmate in the Language Center’s English Honors Program.  While she may not look so friendly at first sight, after talking to her for a few minutes, we found that she is really an optimistic and friendly girl. We also discovered that Annie is a very busy girl. We were curious about what keeps her so busy, so we decided to interview her. It turns out that Annie has a little secret.

All photos by the authors

UsWe know that you major in two subjects. Why do you want to major in two different subjects at the same time?

AnnieI first majored in Land Management, and I didn’t like it very much. Land Management is not what I am interested in. Therefore, when I was a junior, I started to major in another subjectMarketing.

UsWhat’s your study plan?

AnnieMarketing and English are what I am interested in, so I am working hard on learning both of them.

UsWe know that singing is your dream. Can you tell us about that?

AnnieI have enjoyed singing since I was a child. I played the violin when I was four-years old, but I liked guitar much more. So I started to practice guitar and sing along with my playing. Playing guitar really helps me relax when I am singing. Singing is not only my dream, but also my hobby.

UsAnnie, you are really busy in your school life. How do you balance between singing and your studies?

AnnieIt’s not hard for me to balance between singing and my studies. To be honest, I do not spend a lot of time practicing before a performance. All the songs in my performances are the same. But sometimes, I think majoring in two subjects is a really a lot of trouble and keeps me too busy.

UsUsDo you have any plan to pursue your dream?

AnnieLast month, I started to sing in the coffee shops around Taichung. I named my plan “Dreaming of Coffee Shops.” I contacted the coffee shop owners to arrange performances. Although some may reject my plan, that is still a good opportunity for me to learn something. I perform for about 30 minutes each time and sing five songs. The songs are the stories that I want to tell my audience.

UsHave you ever participated in a singing contest?

AnnieLast week, I went to the Super Idol, a famous singing program in Taiwan. After singing in this program, I discovered that standing on the Super Idol’s stage isn’t what I want. For me, singing is a way to tell everyone “Don’t give up; pursue your dream.  Now, I have to focus on my studies. Therefore, I have decided to stop my “Dreaming of Coffee Shops” plan for a while. But singing is still my favorite hobby.

After our interview with Annie, we were really impressed by her courage to pursue her dream. Most college students don’t know what they want to do, and they give up on finding out and pursuing their dream. At the end of the interview, Annie encouraged us to take action and not waste time. If we do this, we may be closer to realizing our dream.

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