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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tights - The Latest Fashion

Athena Chen & Joanna Chiu

We have recently noticed that more and more girls are wearing long stockings, or tights. Many TV programs introduce tights that you can buy on-line. We think that wearing these long stockings is a trend for girls. We wanted to learn more about tights, so we went to Feng Chia night market to ask some questions.

Honey-Kent is a retail shop that sells tights imported from Korea. Pora Bella is the brand they sell. They are very special; they are made from 80-120 tannic fabric. This means that they are not scratched easily. What’s more, the patterns on these tights are all embroidered, so when you wear these pattern tights, the pattern will not change shape. So far, Honey-Kent has three branches near Feng Chia, and you can order tights from them by phone or E-mail. Honey-Kent will also have a blog and official website by next year.

According to the sales clerk, the solid colored tights are the best-selling tights followed by patterned tights. The solid colored tights are the basic type and the patterned tights are becoming more and more popular because of television and magazine advertisement. This summer, new tattoo tights have become fashionable. Even people from Malaysia come to Taiwan just to buy these tights because they are much cheaper here than in Malaysia. The solid colored tights at Honey-Kent cost $150 per pair and three pairs cost $400. On the other hand, patterned tights cost $190 per pair and $500 for three pairs.

All photos by the authors
Honey-Kent not only has many kinds of tights but also has perfect service after you buy their products. For example, if there is a problem with your tights, you can exchange them for a new pair at any time. Moreover, at Honey-Kent, they teach customers how to put on their tights correctly and how to take care of their tights.    

Starting this month, Honey-Kent has a point-collecting event. When you spend $200, you can get one point. If you collect ten points, you can get something worth $80 for free; if you collect 20 points, you can get something worth $150 for free, and if you collect 30 points, you can get something worth $190 for free. After exchanging your points for free merchandise, your points will not be reset (your new points will be added to your old points) and two friends can combine their points. After 30 points have been collected and exchanged, you can return your point collecting card to the shop, and they will put your name in a lottery for their grand prize. What a great event!

More and more girls pay attention to what they wear. However, it isn’t enough for girls to wear stockings only. Girls want their legs to look slim and fashionable. As tights can do this, they have become more popular among young girls. If you want to look fashionable, why don’t you take a look at Honey-Kent and buy a pair or two for yourself!

Honey-Kent locations:

Feng Chia Mall
Feng Chia Night Market
Feng Chia "Boxed Lunch Street"

Hours(Mall location):
M-Th 16:00 - 01:00
F         16:00 - 01:30
Sat      15:00 - 01:30
Su       13:00 - 01:00

(Hours at the other locations are only slightly different.)

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