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Thursday, April 25, 2013

FCU Symphonic Band- Continuous Aspirations

Renee Poon

     Long before my introduction to FCU’s amazing symphonic band, another FCU English Online writer, Marian Li, showed us how much fun we can have with the band. Since she already told us so much about the band, why should I introduce the band to you all over again? Well, the band has passed quite a lot of milestones since then, and I would like to update you.
All photos courtesy FCU Symphonic Band
     In 2012, the Feng Chia University Symphonic Band performed in the Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival and had joint concerts with National Dong Hwa University and National Hsinchu University. That year, they even won the National Student Competition of Music!  Then, this year, they went on a visiting tour and later won the National Student Competition of Music again!  This record of achievement would have been impossible without the support of people around the band; with their help, the band conquered all barriers and overcame all difficulties – and they don’t plan to stop there.

     Later this year, the FCU Symphonic Band will visit Chang Jung University in Tainan and have another joint concert in May. Through this kind of opportunity, the members of the FCU band learn from others and are motivated to improve. Of course, working with other school bands is also a great way to meet some new friends who share the same hobby.

     Besides the upcoming concert, this summer the band will host a summer camp here at FCU for high school students.  Quite a lot of students are passionate about music, and this will be a great activity for them.  Even if you do not plan to participate in the summer camp, you can come and support the FCU Symphonic Band at their post-camp concert. Further information is available on their official website and fans page on Facebook (see below).

     As Marian mentioned in her earlier FCU English Online article, the FCU Symphonic Band is a paradise for anyone who loves music. No matter how you would like to show your support for them, you will find supporting the FCU symphonic band and enjoying their wonderful music worthwhile.  So, please do not hesitate.  Check out their websites today!

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