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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Vegetable Field (Fresh Rolls) - A Restaurant Review

Jennifer Li
“What should we eat?”  This is a very common question among FCU students because we are only one step away from the Feng Chia night market and have so many choices that it is hard to decide what to eat.  However, if you were to ask me what I want for lunch or dinner, I would answer right away, “The Vegetable Field (Fresh Rolls).

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The Vegetable Field is a food stand located on Boxed Lunch Street in the Feng Chia night-market. I believe that most FCU students know about The Vegetable Field, but they may not know how special it is. The Vegetable Field sells “fresh, light food, and daily balance diet,” and provides the basic nutrition people need every day. For students, it is also a convenient take-away at affordable prices, NT$45/ per roll.

The Vegetable Field sells mainly two kinds of rolls, vegetable rolls and rice rolls, and both of them have meat and vegetarian flavors. All rolls are made with whole-wheat-wrappers wrapped inside another wrapper of laver. The meat vegetable rolls basically have vegetables, fried egg, apple, and cucumber. The meat rice rolls contain rice, cucumber, vegetables, and dried tofu. The vegetarian rolls have sweet potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, pumpkin, mashed potato, and alfalfa sprouts, all of which is finally sprinkled with some sesame powder and blueberry sauce. The meat rolls come in seven flavors: pan-fried pork, onion tuna, dried pork, bacon, Kung Pao chicken, black pepper pork, and crazy-spicy pork.  The menu is also flexible; for example, if there is something you don’t care for, just tell them, and they will make a roll to your order. By the way, at The Vegetable Field, they also sell bagels and fruit salad.
How is it possible for to enjoy such great food at such low prices?  How could the boss make a profit with the high cost of labor?  If you ask the boss, he will tell you, “Nothing is more important than health.”  The boss used to run a newspaper office. He lived a routine life; he had to get up early every morning and work late. Time flew, and he became a father of two children. At that time, his father also passed away due to a long illness.  This made the boss more aware of the importance of health; therefore, he decided to close the newspaper office and to pursue his interest in healthy food – and The Vegetable Field was born.  He knows this business might not be profitable and realizes that what he can do is very limited; nevertheless, it does not stop him from sharing the right life diet concept.

Although there are many kinds of food in Feng Chia night-market, I just do not like the greasy, heavy, unhealthy food. I love The Vegetable Field. I love not only the food but the people in The Vegetable Field; like their food, they are natural, plain, and real. The boss and his wife are really kind and have a sense of humor. I can always talk to them like family, and sometimes they will give me some diet advice, and, if I am really lucky, they will give me some complimentary fruit or something special in my roll.  Just like a fortune cookie, The Vegetable Field is really full of surprises!  I really cherish the good people and the good food at The Vegetable Field!

The Vegetable Field – Fresh Rolls
Address:  Feng Chia Night Market (Walk down Boxed Meal Street and turn right at the end)
Hours:  11:00~20:00
Phone:  0923-571-208

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