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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sister Wei Heart Tapioca (魏姐包心粉圓): A Restaurant Review

Sophia Hong

Sister Wei Heart Tapioca is chain restaurant, and I visited the store in Jiaoxi, Yilan. When I first visited this restaurant, I didn’t think it was a popular restaurant. Sister Wei Heart Tapioca looked very ordinary – not brightly lighted or obviously clean – but they seemed to have slightly more customers than other shops.
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Heart Tapioca is a kind of dessert. It is just like the pearls in pearl milk tea. However, there is one big difference in Heart Tapioca – the tapioca balls are bigger because there is a surprise inside! The surprise is red beans, which give the Tapioca a springy texture. At Sister Wei Heart Tapioca, they mix tofu pudding, ice, condensed milk or beans with their Heart Tapioca.

I ordered the Number 3 dessert. It is a simpler kind of dessert; it contains only Heart Tapioca, ice and tofu pudding. It is said that simpler things are more difficult to do if you want to be better. I was very satisfied with my order. Their tofu pudding is very simple, so I think it is just so-so. Anyway, I want to tell you about their ice, because the ice was fresh and cool and their syrup was sweet, soft, and light. Most importantly, Heart Tapioca is hot. I have always thought that mixing cold things and hot things was very strange. At Heart Tapioca, when I tasted the hot tapioca blended with cold ice, I changed my mind; it was TOO perfect!

Sister Wei Heart Tapioca’s service is just like all chain stores, polite but not kind enough; maybe they were too busy, but I think this is a common failing in chain stores. However, when my friend said she want a take-out box because she had eaten only half of her meal, the clerk did answer with a little smile.

Anyway, I had very happy experience this time; I like sweet snacks, and my order was perfect. While they say that Number 4 is the specialty of the restaurant, I still recommend Number 3. There are Sister Wei Heart Tapioca branches in Taipei, Taichung, Chiayi, Hualien, and Kaohsiung, and you can even try Sister Wei Heart Tapioca if you are traveling to Thailand at their shop in Bangkok!

  Sister Wei Heart Tapioca
  Address: 35 Jiaoxi Road Section 5, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County
  Phone: (03) 988-9566 
  On the Web:

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