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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Click - A Movie Review

Shadow Chen & Lesly Liu

There are only 24 hours in a day, no more and no less. Now imagine what you could do if you could stop time, fast forward, or make time flow backwards as if you were watching your favorite DVD. Well, that’s just what happens in the movie, Click. However, things don’t always work out like the way you expect them to. Let’s look together what happens in “Click.”

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Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) is an architect who has a lovely family with his wife (Kate Beckinsale) and two cute children. At the beginning of the movie, Michael works very hard because he wants to get a promotion. Therefore, he gets home late almost every day and seldom has time with his family. One day he has a fight with his wife because he can’t find the right remote control to the TV. To make his life simpler and prevent future arguments, Michael decides to buy a new remote control that could control every electronic device in his house. He goes to the department store and the owner, Morty (Christopher Walken), gives him a super remote control and promises him that it will control EVERYthing and that this will help him start enjoying his life. When Michael gets home he discovers that his new remote control doesn’t control only his electronic devices; it can actually control time! At first, Michael is happy to have this super remote control. He can press “Stop” and everyone stops except for him so that he can get some rest from his busy work day. 

After a while, however, Michael starts to lose control. Time starts flowing faster and faster, and Michael starts to realize that he is missing lots of beautiful things in his life. This reminds Michael to think about the important things in his life. Finally, at the end of the movie, Michael wakes up on a bed in the department store where he is about to buy the new remote control. He opens his eyes and realizes it was just a dream. After returning home, he finds a super remote control on his table; apparently, his wife came up with the same idea to avoid arguments. Michael picks up the remote control, smiles for a moment, and then throws it into the trash.

We usually see Adam Sandler (Michael) in comedies. In this movie, he shows his talent for making us laugh, but he also let us see his dramatic acting skills when he feels regret at the end of the movie. Kate Beckinsale (Donna) has also been in many movies. She plays a good wife in this movie, taking care of her husband and kids and making everything perfect. Christopher Walken (Morty) is usually cast as the villain in his movies. In “Click,” his role is also a villain, but he gives a special “soul” to his role as a mysterious clerk who is actually Death. Walken is wonderful in this role even though he is not the bad guy we usually expect him to be.

We only live once, and there are many things for us to enjoy in life. Unfortunately, we often ignore the most important things in our lives just like Michael does. All he wants to do is make money to provide a better, happier life, but working too hard makes his life stressful and not happy at all. It was not until he has this dream that he realizes how valuable his time is. This is not just another funny movie; it also has a message for the audiences. It helps us to think about the time we have and about how we should enjoy our time with family. Nobody can change the past, but every one of us can change our future; start now by cherishing your time!

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