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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Finding the Perfect Dorm at Feng Chia University

Barry Xue

It is important to live comfortably and conveniently, so choosing a suitable place to live is an important issue for freshmen at Feng Chia University (FCU). Most freshmen choose to live in one of the three dormitories near the FCU campus.  

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Tai-Fon dormitory is exclusively for men. If you walk from the Tai-Fon dorm to school, you will need only about 5 minutes. Another advantage is that, unlike at other dorms, residents at this dorm can go out at any time. This means that, if you feel hungry in the middle of the night, you can go out to buy some food. Tai-Fon dorm is located in a great neighborhood, too. There are convenience stores, laundromats, breakfast shops, snack bars and photocopy shops all close by.

Fu-Xin dormitory has the lowest price of all the dorms. It is a bit farther away, though; it will take you about 10 to 15 minutes to get to school. Fu-Xin’s major advantage is that it is managed by volunteer students. All of them are upper year students, and they were trained during the summer vacation. These upperclassmen stay at the information desk all day and will help you if you have any problems. They will also check who hasn’t come back before 24:00. 

Also, when midnight comes, the gate outside the dorm will be locked by the security guard. Thus, if you still want to get into the dorm after 24:00, you will have to register and show your student ID card to the security guard. Even though they have these rules, the Fu-Xin dorm has lots of entertainment facilities for students, including a basketball court, baseball field, and gymnasium. It’s just like a residential area.

Han-Lin dormitory is in located in a residential area within the Feng Chia shopping district. Like Tai-Fon dorm, you can come and go 24/7. It is about a 10- to 15-minute walk from school, and there is a parking lot for scooters. Han-Lin dorm offers leisure facilities for all residents. A special feature of the Han-Lin dorm is a road runs through it! The buildings on both sides of the road are Han-Lin dorm.

All of the dorms I have mentioned in this article have gyms, self-study centers, and fellowship halls. Only Tai-Fon dorm is exclusively for men; the others accept both male and female students. If being free to go out at any time as an important factor, I suggest you choose Tai-Fon dorm or Han-Lin dorm. If you want a full lifestyle without going outside your dorm, you can choose the Fu-Xin dorm. There are many choices for students at Feng Chia University, so you are sure to find the living environment just right for you.

Fu-Xin dormitory
98 Fusing North Road, Situn District, Taichung
Phone: (04)2451-7250

Tai-Fon dormitory
200 Wunhua Road, Situn District, Taichung
Phone: (04)2702-1555

Han-Lin dormitory
6-13 Chongyi Street, Situn District, Taichung

Phone: (04)2451-4433 or (04)2451-3533

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