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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jonathan Lee - Music Master

Vera & Cindy

One day, Cindy introduced The Song for Myself to me. The first time I heard this song, the melody touched my heart and made me want to learn more about the song’s singer – Jonathan Lee. I surfed the Internet to find information about Jonathan Lee, and the more I learned about him, the more curious I became. 

Jonathan Lee is a legend in Taiwan music. When he was young, he established a group called “Guitar Chorus” with his friends. After the group disbanded, Lee joined a record company and worked very hard. He showed his talent at writing and composing songs, and he produced many memorable songs. Most of Lee’s songs became very popular, and more and more music companies invited him to write songs for their singers. After a few years, he joined Rock Records Company and became one of their best producers. Everybody called him “Million Producer.”

Video courtesy of the Official Jonathan Lee Web Page

Although Jonathan Lee worked inside the recording studio booth for many years, he did not forget his dream of becoming a singer on the stage. In 2008, Jonathan Lee invited his music partners, Lo Ta-Yu, Wakin Chau, and Chang Chen-Yue to form the band Superband. They held almost fifty concerts in Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and the USA. Superband‘s members covered two generations, and so did their fans. In concerts, they sang their popular songs, and they also performed individually. Everyone liked these songs very much. However, because Superband was formed as just a temporary band, they dissolved after two years. Their music gave their fans lots of enjoyment and many memories.

After leaving Superband, Jonathan Lee changed his focus. He started a guitar studio. Now, he designs guitars and makes them by hand. Jonathan Lee wants to share his guitars with a lot of people who like music and play guitar. He also has broadcasts on his blog, where he shares his ideas about music. The broadcasts play for five minutes each weekday. If you listen to his programs, you can learn more about his music and his ideas. In addition, you can hear more and more great songs. We like listening to these broadcasts very much because we can learn a lot of interesting things and hear a lot of good music. 

Thanks to Jonathan Lee’s blog, we learned a lot about this amazing artist. Now, Cindy and I both like to listen to Jonathan Lee’s music and share his creations with our friends. Recently, Lee released a new album and held a concert. This is exciting news. Cindy and I hope we will have a chance to go to one of Jonathan Lee’s concerts and to feel the excitement of seeing our new idol and hearing him sing his songs live.


Jonathan Lee’s blog

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