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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kending – A Wonderful Place to Create Memories

Jennifer Li & Maggie Lin

Kending is located at the very southern tip of Taiwan. It’s a famous holiday resort where you will find different kinds of beaches and views. The atmosphere there is very, very relaxing – in fact, to us, it is absolutely vacation heaven. The two of us and a few of our friends recently spent two days enjoying this wonderful place, and we’d like to tell you a bit about our trip! 

When we arrived in Kending, we immediately went to the Pak Sha Wan beach. The mountains and the ocean are really beautiful there. Of course, we played in the water, played beach volleyball, sunbathed, drank some beer, and just didn’t think about anything at all. It was really awesome to relax in the sunshine at Pak Sha Wan beach.

After the sun started to set, we went to Kending night market to look for dinner. We finally chose Didi restaurant.  This Thai restaurant is the most popular restaurant in Kending. We ordered every dish on the menu that had a ‘chili’ icon in front of; this means that the dish is a specialty of the house. All that spicy food was really appetizing on such a hot day. After dinner, we went shopping at the Kending night market and bought souvenirs for friends. However, shopping was exhausting, and we needed supplies to keep our energy up for the rest of our journey. We ate some Mexico spicy chicken wings, which were so tasty and so spicy that we both got “sausage lips.”

We also watched a show at a pub in the night market. The performers included musclemen, spicy girls, andshemales,” men dressed up as women. During the show, something unexpected happened. We pushed one of our friends up onto the stage to perform with the spicy girls. The spicy girls tore off all his clothes except for his underpants. Then, after we counted down, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1”, our friend was suddenly entirely bare for about 3 seconds. The audience was so surprised that they all laughed until their tears flowed. Everyone thanked him for giving everyone a wonderful night! He really did give us an unforgettable Kending memory.

On the next day, we got up at around 4:00 and drove out to watch the sunrise. We were sleepy, but we still wanted to see the sunrise at Kending. An hour later, we were confused about why we had not arrived yet. Then we saw a sign pointing toward Taitung (on the eastern coast of Taiwan), and we realized that we had driven in the wrong direction. We were stunned at seeing the road sign, but were soon pleasantly surprised by an unexpectedly wonderful beach sunrise! We had stopped at an unknown beach that was very secret and undisturbed. We were contented as we watched the sun rise. It was a beautiful mistake – and beautiful Kending memory.

Kending is a really an amazing place that everyone must visit at least once in their life. Most students go to Kending during their summer vacation to forget all the pressure of their student life and enjoy the treasures of Mother Nature. We would like to remind you that you don’t have to wait until summer; any long weekend is plenty of time to visit this vacation heaven.  We love Kending, and we are sure that you will too!

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