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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Love One (樂昂) : A Restaurant Review

Claire Hsu & Amy Chen

Amy and I are classmates in the Transportation Technology and Management department here at Feng Chia University. We usually get together at a different restaurant at the beginning of each new semester. Sometimes, we find a restaurant through a friend's introduction, but this semester, we searched the Internet. After we discussed which restaurant we should go to, we decided on Love One because it opened recently and it’s near FCU.

We went to Love One in the evening. At first glance, the restaurant seemed like a lounge bar because the neon lights next to the door turned the whole entrance red, making it look exotic and beautiful. Inside the restaurant, the lights were designed like Christmas lights, and the walls were decorated like bookcases. It was elegant and cozy. The dinner chairs caught our attention because they were transparent. You could see through them, so it made the space inside the restaurant seemed much larger. There were also huge windows that we could look through and enjoy the view. The service was prompt and thoughtful, and the classical music was relaxing. In a word, Love One was ROMANTIC.

Love One offers a wide variety of meals, such as salad (NT.200-NT.250), brunch (NT.250-NT.350), sandwiches (NT.200-NT.250), pasta (NT.200-NT.300), risotto (NT.200-NT.300), pancakes (NT.200-NT.250), and honey toast (NT.200-NT.300). There are also many beverages to choose from (NT.90-NT.150). Brunch is served from 09:00 to 14:00, and pasta and the risotto are served twice daily, between 11:00 and 14:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00. Salads, sandwiches, pancakes, honey toast, and beverages are available between 09:00 and 21:00. We went to Love One in the evening, so we did not have a chance to sample their brunch, but we looked forward to a pleasant dinner.

All photos courtesy of the authors

I ordered their “Chicken Pasta with Tom Yum Goong Sauce” (南洋冬央雞肉義大利麵). The noodles were good because they weren’t too hard or too soft. In addition, the sauce and the chicken went together very well. When chewing the chicken, you could feel the chicken was very tender and the sour sauce filled your mouth. It was really wonderful! However, if you didn’t care for sour food, you might consider one of Love One’s other dishes because the sauce was really sour.

Amy ordered their “Chicken Risotto with Pesto Sauce” (鮮羅勒嫩雞燉飯). This risotto was very savory and delicious. The risotto really contained a lot of chicken and vegetables. It was a genuine Spanish risotto, so the rice was not as soft as we usually eat. This was the only one aspect of her dinner that Amy didn’t really care for, but she still enjoyed her Love One meal very much. Finally, our desert was “Combo Honey Toast” (鮮果饗宴蜜糖領結). It looked very cute and luxurious, and tasted really awesome. The toast was filled with honey and was very sweet. The fruits were so fresh and juicy that neither of us could stop eating! We both loved it very much and thought it was the best desert we had ever eaten.

We had a wonderful evening at Love One. Their meals were really delicious, and our desert was heavenly. If you come here, you really must try it. The decoration and atmosphere at Love One were also great. The music and the lighting made were relaxing and the neon lights at the entrance were also beautiful and romantic. Perhaps we were fortunate in coming to Love One in the evening; otherwise, we would have missed that special “welcome.” In summary, Love One is a really good place to get together with friends – and maybe even a better place to get together with that one “special” friend. We recommend it sincerely!
Love One
59 Fuxing North Road, Xitun District, Taichung
Hours: Brunch 7:00-11:00; Meals & Drinks 11:00-22:00

Phone: 04-2707-5898

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