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Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Favorite Baseball Team – Lamigo Monkeys

Jelly Lee

All photos courtesy Lamigo Monkeys official web page: 

We Taiwanese think of baseball as our national sport, which shows just how popular baseball is in Taiwan. There are 4 teams in the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CBL) now,  the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions, the Brother Elephants, the EDA Rhinos, and the Lamigo Monkeys. For many reasons, the Lamigo Monkeys is my favorite team!

Everyone at the Lamigo Monkeys are happy, including the players, the staff, and the fans. When I watch their games, I can see that their players get along with their coworkers well. They are just like a big family! The older players take care of the younger ones, and the younger players learn from their more experienced teammates. They compete and help each other happily at the same time. When I watch their games, I feel like I’m watching my friends play. I am nervous and happy along with them.

Another reason I like Monkeys is because of the team sponsor – the owner of Lamigo. He not only pays the players and maintains the team’s facilities, he also learns from the Japanese and the American baseball team system and makes new and suitable policies that help the team. For example, the Monkeys was the first team to have a full roster of replacement players so that their starters could take a rest if they were injured. Moreover, Lamigo was the first team to hire cheerleaders! This was not something new in baseball, but it was totally new to Taiwan. The Lamigo girls are pretty, energetic, and dance well. They attract more fans to their games and definitely make the games more exciting! The Lamigo Monkeys was the first team to begin these policies, and we are happy to see other teams following them.  Baseball in Taiwan is getting better and better!

I always enjoy watching Lamigo games with my family. We enjoy the great skills, the exciting tempo, and the happy atmosphere. Of course, the boys in the family love the cute cheerleaders, and the girls love the handsome players! We scream when they catch the ball, and discuss every umpire’s call. Watching the Monkeys play brings our family together and has become almost a family ritual.  

     Of course, the other teams in the CBL have loyal fans, too. The next time there is a CBL game in a town nearby, you really have to check it out.  You will be sure to have a great time, and you just might find yourself as big a fan as I am!


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