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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Best Thai Restaurant in the FCU Area

Yuba Liang and Ivy Chian

One recent evening, we were looking for something to eat.  However, we had already eaten at almost all the restaurants around Feng Chia University. Therefore, we decided to walk a little farther to find something to eat. After 10 minutes, we saw a restaurant, Enjoy Thais, where there were a few people lining up.  We thought that this restaurant must is something special, so we decided to give it a try.  We discovered that, at this small restaurant, they have the most traditional Thai food available in the Feng Chia night market area. We would like to tell you about it.  
All photos courtesy of the authors
Even thought there was a line, we had to wait just 10 minutes. When we got inside, the restaurant looked bright and clean. The main color was white, and it was very comfortable. The waiter smiled and took us to our table. First, she gave us a cup of water with lemon and asked us whether it was our first visit to Enjoy Thais. Because we were newcomers, she recommended their set meals.

With a set meal, you get to chose from the most popular four dishes at the restaurant. After we had chosen a set meal for 2 people, we looked the other dishes on the menu. The restaurant has many different kinds of Thai food such as pork, fish, chicken and shrimp. We looked forward to our dishes. We had pork salad, sour-sweet chicken, sour-spicy fish, fried Thai sauce vegetables, and unlimited Thai rice. All the dishes looked spicy and hot because the sauce was red. The dishes all smelled so exotic we felt like we were in Thailand. We couldn’t wait to try these fragrant dishes.

First, we tried the appetizer – pork salad. It was served on a cool plate with lettuce, fried pork, and Thai sauce. It was cool and fresh and made us hungry for more. The main course, sour-sweet chicken, was amazing. The chicken was crisp and a little spicy. It went really well with the rice.  After the chicken, we tried the fish. It was tender and tasty. It didn’t have too much fishy taste. The vegetables in Thai sauce was very original and exotic, and also went so well with the rice that we had to have a second bowl! All the dishes were delicious and very satisfying; we really enjoyed our dinner at Enjoy Thais.   

  The food at Enjoy Thais was delicious, and we recommend the set meals for other newcomers, but even more important for students, everything was inexpensive. If you like to eat exotic foods, or if you are just looking for a nice restaurant in FCU night market area, we recommend Enjoy Thais. It's the best Thai food we have eaten, and we are sure you will also enjoy your meal there.

Enjoy Thais
270 Fushang Lane, Xitun District, Taichung
Hours: 11:30-14:30, 17:00-22:00 (closed Mondays)
Phone: 04-2452-4929
Parking: easy for scooters; hard for cars

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