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Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Amal" – A Movie Review

Vera Chiu & Cindy Tsai

Last Friday, when I was in Feng Chia University’s library’s multi-media section, I found a movie named Amal. In Taiwan, Amal was translated into Poor With Nothing Left but Money(窮得只剩下錢). My first thought was of a man who had nothing except money. However, after watching movie, I discovered I was wrong.  Because the movie was so interesting, I introduced Amal to Cindy and we watched it again together. 

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        Amal, the main character, was a tuk-tuk taxi driver. He drove all day and all night in New Delhi. Once, an old man asked Amal to take him somewhere. However, along the way, he changed his mind again and again and also complained about the fare. However, Amal didn’t complain because he was a professional driver who should respect his passenger.

Another time, Amal helped a little girl who was knocked down by a car. He took care of her every day and even sold his tuk-tuk to pay her medical expenses. From these two situations, we can see that Amal was a selfless and kind person. Amal’s personality was such a very rare and unique treasure that it touched the old man who had been so much trouble. Years later, the old man died, leaving a letter for Amal which would change Amal’s life.

Amal is more than a touching story.  While we were watching the movie, we learned about social issues in India. First, there is a wide gap between rich and poor. Some people live in mansions, but others sleep on the street. Second, not everyone has the right to education. If your status is not high, you can’t go to school no matter how smart you are. These unfair situations shocked us deeply.

Amal is different from other, more exciting movies; it is about things that you will want to think deeply about after you watch it. Amal made us think about what it means to be wealthy. Money is not the most important value in life. If you care too much about money, you will miss other, more important, things like having a dream, being happy, and loving the people around you. This kind of wealth cannot be measured by money. That’s why we believe that being rich is not about how much money you have, but how happy you are. And we learned all of this from the story of Amal, a poor tuk-tuk driver we met through the foreign film collection at Feng Chia University.

The next time you are looking for something different and interesting to do in your free time, you might want to pay a visit to the FCU library’s video collection; like us, you might find a treasure buried there.

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