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Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Favorite Bag Store-KiKi Bag

Jelly Lee

A bag is a tool that people use to carry things in, but for girls, bags show their taste, too.  I have found a terrific fashionable bag store not far from school that you MUST visit - KiKi Bag. 
All photos by the author
KiKi Bag is located on Wu Tai Street in the Feng Chia night market area. It is really easy to find; you can see it when you first step into this small street because at KiKi Bag, they hang or put all their bags on wooden cabinets outside their store. These colorful, good-looking bags are all neatly lined up one behind another so you can see them at a glance and you won’t have to spend too much time before finding the bag just right for you. However, you will want to spend more time because all of KiKi Bag’s bags are so pretty! The cute sales clerks will greet you with a big smile and happily introduce the bags to you. They will even help you try every bag until you find the one you like.

Although there are bag stores everywhere, I usually buy bags from KiKi Bag because their bags are beautiful and their prices are reasonable. As a matter of fact, my friends always guess that my bags were more expensive than they really were. Bag styles are similar at almost any bag store you go to, but the quality of leather is really different. The leather chosen by KiKi bag looks good, and you can feel that it is soft and strong. You know you will be able to use your KiKi bag for a lot longer. KiKi Bag provides bag repair services, too. They will be able to repair or replace the metal accessories on your bags such as the hooks, buckles, and zippers.

KiKi Bag has a shop near Feng Chia, but, if you are busy, you can shop on their Facebook club page and ask KiKi to send the bags to you. You can also add KiKi as your Facebook or Line friend, so that you can learn about their latest sales any time, any place.

I have already bought five bags from KiKi Bag, and I like their bags so much that I have shared KiKi with my friends. Now, I’m sharing KiKi with you; so, go by and take a look! You will love this store as much as I do!

KiKi Bag

73 Feng Chia Road, Hsitun District, Taichung


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