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Thursday, November 14, 2013

R&B Curry - A Restaurant Review

Kevin Yang & Louis Lin

Curry’s charm is powerful, and, every so often, we are hit by curry fever. When the fever hit a week ago, we decided to have lunch at R&B Curry. R&B Curry is located in a narrow alley near school, so it’s convenient.  It’s also not expensive, so it was “just our style.”

When we first walk into the restaurant, we felt how cool it was compared to the heat outside. Also, the warm lighting made the atmosphere feel comfortable. While we were standing at the door, we looked down and saw a lovely dog, A-Sa. This is the owner’s dog, and while customers are eating, A-Sa will sit beside you and look up at you, hoping that you will feed it.
All photos by the authors

All of the food on the menu looked delicious, and it was hard for us to choose. The specialty of the restaurant is curry, so, of course, the menu included traditional yellow and red curries. R&B also serve unusual curries like black curry and white curry. The most special curry served here is their miso curry.

Finally, we decided to order the Red Curry Fish. The fish was very fresh and tender, and the curry was similar to the red curry they serve at Thai restaurants. The two went very well together. The servers at R&B Curry were very attentive, and customers can ask for extra rice and black tea free. The prices at R&B are quite reasonable, with the average meal costing about NT$80. This is a great price for students and makes it a good place to bring friends or family.

We enjoyed our meal at R&B Curry, and look forward to tasting all the flavors of curry on their menu. We are sure to come back the next time “curry fever” strikes, and are sure you will like it, too.

R&B Curry

No. 5, Wen-Hua Road, Lane 155, Hsitun District, Taichung

Hours: 11:00 – 21:00 

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