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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Feng Chia University Counseling Center

Anson Wang & Kane Chang

Feng Chia University is concerned not only about students’ academic performance but also about student’ emotional health.  Today, we will introduce an important and special FCU unit – the FCU Counseling Center.  This center offers a variety of aptitude tests and relaxation equipment that can help students deal with the stress of their busy lives.  Recently, we visited the Counseling Center to see just what it was like.  It was both interesting and relaxing!

 First, the Counseling Center offers students a number of aptitude tests and counseling services – the very first step to understand ourselves.  At the Counseling Center, there are more than 20 kinds of test for you to try.  These tests will help students understand themselves better in many areas, including love, interpersonal relationships, and career interests. Most of these tests take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. After you give your test to the Center staff, the counselor will give you some feedback and talk with you about your personality. However, some tests cannot be analyzed right away, so you might have to come back again in a week or so to talk to the counselor.  
All photos by the authors

Next, after you receive the outcome of the test, you can use the Center’s relaxation equipment to refresh yourself and get your head back together.  The first one we tried was the α wave projector.  To use this machine, you have to lie down on a chair; it’s pretty comfortable, and the counselor will give you blanket and pillow so you can take a nice nap (just kidding; don’t fall asleep!). Then the counselor will place a small screen in front of your eyes turn on the projector. Looking at the twinkling red lights that you see will help brain release α waves.  The lights will change to white lights if you relax your mind, indicating more α waves.  It’s quite fun and really comfortable! 

If you often feel nervous, you might want to try HeartMath®.  This software offers three levels of simple games that will train you how to control your mind.  You play these games with a heart-rate and breath detector attached to your earlobe.  You look at a picture on the screen, and try to adjust your breathing and thoughts to make it “colorful.”  It sounds weird, but it is actually pretty cool! As you change to a higher level, the detector becomes more sensitive and the testing time gets longer.  Therefore, it really is a challenge for you keep your mind calm and your breath steady.

When you have finished with your tests and relaxed with the Center’s equipment, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about quality of the Center’s service.  Don’t hesitate to be honest and give them some good feedback; remember, they are there to help you!

Finally, we think we are lucky that we can attend such a great school.  There are still many resources here on the FCU campus that we are not aware of because we don’t use them in regular daily school life.  We hope that our article has helped you discover one more of these useful FCU resources; now, it’s your turn to go out and find another!  Leave a "Comment" response to this article letting everyone know what you have found! 


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