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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mayday's "The Second Life" – A Music Review

Louis Wu and Eric Lei

In Taiwan, Mayday is a popular band that was established in 1997. Mayday members are Ashin (阿信), Monster(怪獸), Richard (石頭), Matthew Tsai (瑪莎), and MING (冠佑). Mayday has won many awards. Their dream is to be like The Beatles in Taiwan. Mayday has released many albums. Their songs have a lot of different styles. If you don’t know what songs to listen to, you can choose Mayday’s songs.

Mayday released their eighth album, The Second Life, in 2011. There are twelve songs on the album, and the songs are sung in many styles such as lyric songs, brisk songs, and rock songs. 

Video courtesy binmusictaipei  (

Ashin, the lead singer, does an outstanding job on The Second Life. He has a fine, powerful voice. Mayday’s rhythms and melodies memorable, and you will find yourself humming along with them. The lyrics of Mayday’s songs describe life. They remind people to treasure time and seize the day. They also encourage people to do something they want while they are alive. Life is short, so we should make our dreams come true and achieve our goals. Because the songs on The Second Life are about our lives they have become very popular; The Second Life has won many awards.

Video courtesy binmusictaipei(

Our favorite songs on this album are “The Second Life” and “Cheers” (乾杯). We think these two songs are touching and meaningful, and their rhythms and melodies are brisk and inspirational. The lyrics encourage us to pursue our goals no matter how hard they are. When we are depressed, we listen to the two songs and we will feel better.

The lyrics of the songs on The Second Life are meaningful, and the rhythms and melodies are great. The songs are done in many styles, so you will definitely find one you really like. If you have never heard Mayday, we suggest that The Second Life is your best choice.

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