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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The English Honors Program at Feng Chia University

Jelly Lee

Having more than one professional ability is a necessity nowadays. To help students develop a second area of professional knowledge, academic departments at Feng Chia offer many programs such as the Creative Design Program, Project Management Program, and English Honors Program. When I was an undergraduate, I participated in the English Honor Program. I really loved the Program, and I think you will, too.
The English Honors Program has been around for about 10 years. In the beginning, the Program was hosted by the Business College. As time passed by, more and more students from other Colleges have joined the Program, so the Program moved to the FCU Language Center. The Language Center hosts other Programs and is also responsible for English classes for all non-English major students in Feng Chia. All Programs at FCU have different requirements. There are two ways to join the English Honors Program. Some freshmen take a test to compete with other students to get into the Program. However, most students in the Program are recommended by their academic departments.  

All photos by the author

There are many reasons why so many students want to get into the English Honors Program. First, the teachers who teach Honors Program classes are outgoing.  That means that they use lively teaching techniques that make even grammar interesting! 

They remind students of their mistakes by making jokes and use a lot of funny examples. As a result, the classes are always filled with interesting discussions, even the writing classes. This makes a deep impression on students. 

Second, students meet new friends from other colleges by discussing with teachers and classmates. Finally, the English Honors Program helps students develop all of their English skills – listening, reading, writing, and speaking. There are 4 required writing and reading classes and 5 elective classes. After completing all nine classes, students will get a certificate to show that they have finished the program.

Language learning at Feng Chia is always changing with the times to meet students’ needs, and offering these special Programs is one example. Personally, I really enjoyed the English Honors Program. It played an irreplaceable role in my university life. I would recommend that freshmen consider taking this Program. I am sure the English Honors Program will continue to get better and better so that even more students will be able to participate and develop the English skills they will need when they graduate and begin their professional lives. 

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