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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The FCU Students Association

Kevin Yang

Every student knows there is Students Association here at Feng Chia University, but few know exactly what the FCU Students Association (FCUSA) is or what it does. Actually, the FCUSA does a lot more than you might think.
Graphics courtesy FCUSA

The FCU Students Association is divided into three departments: Parliament(議會), Administrative Center (行政中心), and Review Committee(評議委員會).
The FCUSA Parliament is made up of representatives from each academic department on campus; these members are elected by their departmental classmates. The Parliament is responsible for establishing the annual budget of the FCUSA Administrative Center and overseeing the Center’s activities.

The FCUSA Administrative Center is composed of eight departments and three committees. All the department and committee officers are volunteers. They are nominated by the FCU Chairman, and appointed by Parliament. The Administrative Center’s work can be divided into two parts, holding activities and protecting students’ right and welfare.

Of course, what most students see of the FCUSA are the activities hosted by the Administrative Center. For example, the Administrative Center holds the annual Welcome Freshmen Concert, graduation concert, and Christmas ceremony. Because the FCUSA also wants to be seen by the local community as a “good neighbor,” they host a Community Cleaning activity, where they pick up litter and sweep the streets surrounding the campus.

The second responsibility of the FCUSA Administrative Center is protecting students’ rights and welfare by handling students’ appeals, For example, if a student believes a teacher give marks unfairly, the student can file an appeal with the FCUSA and the Administrative Center will take the student’s appeal to the appropriate administrative unit on campus and follow up on the appeal outcome.
Finally, the FCUSA has a Review Committee that helps resolve differences of opinion that sometimes come up as the Parliament and the Administrative Center work on their projects. Members of the FCUSA Review Committee are chosen from among members who have worked in Parliament or the Administrative Center for at least one year.

As you can see, the FCU Students Association is constantly working on projects to improve FCU students’ lives. If you think you would like to help out, be sure to “throw you hat into the ring” when the next FCUSA Parliamental elections are held. Until then, be sure to watch for posters announcing FCUSA events!

Feng Chia University Student Association

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