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Thursday, December 5, 2013

"Three Idiots" - A Movie Review

Lesly Liu &Shadow Chen

  “If the path you walk in your life has been arranged for you by some else, and if you are always trying to meet other peoples’ definition of “smart,” I would rather be a fool instead.” This sentence comes from Rancho, the character played by famous India actor Aamir Khan in the movie Three Idiots. This interesting, funny Bollywood film was released in 2009 and became the highest-grossing movie in its opening weekend and broke all opening box office records in India. Three Idiots is not only about friendship and love but also gives us other important life lessons.

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  First, this story is about the interesting school lives of three boys studying at one of the best engineering colleges in India. Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan) comes from a middle-class family. Although his dream is to be a wildlife photographer, Farhan studies engineering because his father wants him to. Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) comes from a very poor family with deep religious belief. All he wants is to finish college, get a good job, and give his family a better life. The third “idiot” is Rancchoddas, "Rancho"(Aamir Khan), the smartest of the three boys. He is the only one who enjoys school.  He like studying so much that he wants to be a teacher and build a school after graduating. Because they live in the same dormitory, they soon become good friends. Although these three boys have different personalities and the dreams, the education system in India limits their freedom to be who they want to be.  

  Professor Viru Sahastrabudhhe (Boman Irani) is the teacher they call "Virus". He doesn’t like Rancho because he thinks Rancho is a bad role model; he always gives creative answers and shows his talent and spirit instead of giving the “textbook answer.” Therefore, “Virus” attempts to destroy the friendship between the three boys. Unfortunately, Rancho falls in love with Virus' daughter "Pia" (Karreena Kapoor), who is a medical student. Of course, this causes a lot of problems.

In this movie, the most impressive scenes are tragic. First, Rancho finishes a project for Joy, a fellow student who has given up on the project.  However, when he goes to surprise Joy with the results, he discovers that Joy has hanged himself in his dorm room. Second, the religious “idiot”, Raju, can’t take the pressure from Virus and his family and jumps out of a third-floor window and lands in the courtyard below, hurting himself badly. These scenes show how the Indian education system and the Taiwan education are a lot alike. For example, in both India and Taiwan, we just want to find the answer when we see the question but forget to think and lose our passion for learning. Watching Three Idiots made us think more about the problems in our education system and the real meaning of learning.

  Everyone has to find his or her own way and not just follow someone else’s ideas. In this movie, Rancho always encourages his friends, Farhan and Raju, to pursue their dreams, to overcome fear, and to never give up. "All is well" is Rancho's motto. He believes that when you face difficulty, everything will be fine as long as you follow your heart. Three Idiots is fun – and funny – and tells us a lot of important messages at the same time. You shouldn't miss it!

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