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Thursday, December 5, 2013

UNIQLO: A Shopping Review

Claire Hsu & Amy Chen

UNIQLO is a famous Japanese clothing brand. It is also the biggest national brand in Japan. UNIQLO’s clothing is simple, and their prices are affordable for everyone. In addition, UNIQLO provides a wide variety of clothing, including men’s, women’s, children’s clothes, and underwear for both genders and all ages. No wonder we can see a lot of UNIQLO’s shops in Taiwan. Our experience shopping at UNIQLO was a unique experience.
All photos by the authors
When we first stepped into the shop, we saw walls painted in , which made the room brighter and made the shoppers more cheerful. The lights on the ceiling were soft, so they would not be harsh to the eyes. Moreover, the shop was very big. Hence, even though there were a lot of people in the store when we were there, we did not feel crowded; we felt relaxed. Most importantly, the displays were arranged neatly, and the clothes were folded very well. The shop was bright, clean, and comfortable.

UNIQLO has two basic clothing designs – fashionable and informal. In their fashionable clothes, they use various patterns of famous animations or games on the clothing in different seasons. Their informal style clothing is very simple. There are no exaggerated patterns or decorations on the clothes. This design really corresponds to their goal – “Anytime, anywhere, anyone can wear it.” UNIQLO also provides many sizes, from s to XL, so customers are sure to find the right fit. The clothing is moderately priced, but the quality is not moderate at all. UNIQLO uses smooth and light cloth in their clothes, so everything they sell is really comfortable.

The service at UNIQLO is awesome. While we were shopping, the clerks were kind, and when we had questions, they answered patiently and passionately. Therefore, we were not shy about asking for help! Also, when you shop at UNIQLO, you can try on any clothes you like. That will help you make the correct decision. Sometimes, we buy clothes for our friends or family, but they can’t wear them. Don’t worry! UNIQLO offers a 30-day probation period. It means you can take any unsuitable item back to the shop and exchange it for something else. That is really a nice service.

My favorite UNIQLO is their checkered shirt.  I like it because there is a lot of variety. That is, there are long- and short-sleeve versions, and they come in big or small checks. Furthermore, the sewing is detailed, so buttons won’t fall off easily. I got a checkered shirt for myself and another one for my sister. I bought an orange, short-sleeve shirt with big checks. My sister’s was red. Both of us love the shirts very much.

UNIQLO is different from other shops. Unlike other shops, UNIQLO provides a lot of variety in styles, and there are also more sizes, from s to XL. In addition, UNIQLO quality is very high; you won’t be annoyed with buttons falling off. 

We really enjoyed shopping at UNIQLO. The space was big, so we did not feel that it was too crowded, and the air was not stuffy. The prices were reasonable, too. We would really love to share our favorite shopping place, UNIQLO, with everyone. If you like to wear informal clothes, or if you are on a budget, UNIQLO is a good choice for you. Have a good time shopping here!


111 Taichung Port Road 11F , Xitun District, Taichung
Hours: weekdays: 11:00-22:00; weekends: 10:30-22:00
Phone: (04)2251-1849

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