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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wheel cakes at 學甲人車輪餅 - A Restaurant Review

Cindy Chiu & Vera Tsai

Eating wheel cakes (車輪餅) is a childhood memory for many Taiwanese people. Last year, we found a booth near our school which sells these delicious cakes. The booth is called 學甲人車輪餅. This traditional dessert is very rare in the Feng Chia Night Market area, so we decided to try it. 
All photos by the authors
 The booth’s owners are a nice old couple (so nice that they even provide free iced tea to customers in summer!). The cakes come in five flavors – red red bean, taro, butter, peanut, and radish. Recently, they have started offering a new flavor, too – chocolate.

Of course, their most popular flavors are the traditional red bean and taro. Because of their natural ingredients, Cindy and I love these two flavors very much. The old couple said their red beans are from Wan Dan and their taro is from Dajia; these two places are famous for these products. Besides, the texture of these two wheel cakes is very smooth, and you can bite into real red bean and taro in them – delicious!

The first time we tried 學甲人車輪餅 wheel cakes, we weren’t satisfied … we wanted more! The wheel cakes at 學甲人車輪餅 are delicious and convenient to eat at the roadside or to take home, and they are not expensive. 學甲人車輪餅 wheel cakes are a good choice for dessert after lunch or dinner. In addition to the red bean and taro wheel cakes, we also recommend that you try the other flavors.

There is a great variety of food available in the Feng Chia Night Market area, but no matter what you have for breakfast or lunch, don’t forget the wheel cakes at 學甲人車輪餅 for your dessert!


The corner of Wen Hua Road and Xi An Street
Hours: 1130-2000, Monday – Friday & Sunday (closed Saturdays)

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