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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Love One (樂昂) : A Restaurant Review

Claire Hsu & Amy Chen

Amy and I are classmates in the Transportation Technology and Management department here at Feng Chia University. We usually get together at a different restaurant at the beginning of each new semester. Sometimes, we find a restaurant through a friend's introduction, but this semester, we searched the Internet. After we discussed which restaurant we should go to, we decided on Love One because it opened recently and it’s near FCU.

We went to Love One in the evening. At first glance, the restaurant seemed like a lounge bar because the neon lights next to the door turned the whole entrance red, making it look exotic and beautiful. Inside the restaurant, the lights were designed like Christmas lights, and the walls were decorated like bookcases. It was elegant and cozy. The dinner chairs caught our attention because they were transparent. You could see through them, so it made the space inside the restaurant seemed much larger. There were also huge windows that we could look through and enjoy the view. The service was prompt and thoughtful, and the classical music was relaxing. In a word, Love One was ROMANTIC.

Love One offers a wide variety of meals, such as salad (NT.200-NT.250), brunch (NT.250-NT.350), sandwiches (NT.200-NT.250), pasta (NT.200-NT.300), risotto (NT.200-NT.300), pancakes (NT.200-NT.250), and honey toast (NT.200-NT.300). There are also many beverages to choose from (NT.90-NT.150). Brunch is served from 09:00 to 14:00, and pasta and the risotto are served twice daily, between 11:00 and 14:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00. Salads, sandwiches, pancakes, honey toast, and beverages are available between 09:00 and 21:00. We went to Love One in the evening, so we did not have a chance to sample their brunch, but we looked forward to a pleasant dinner.

All photos courtesy of the authors

I ordered their “Chicken Pasta with Tom Yum Goong Sauce” (南洋冬央雞肉義大利麵). The noodles were good because they weren’t too hard or too soft. In addition, the sauce and the chicken went together very well. When chewing the chicken, you could feel the chicken was very tender and the sour sauce filled your mouth. It was really wonderful! However, if you didn’t care for sour food, you might consider one of Love One’s other dishes because the sauce was really sour.

Amy ordered their “Chicken Risotto with Pesto Sauce” (鮮羅勒嫩雞燉飯). This risotto was very savory and delicious. The risotto really contained a lot of chicken and vegetables. It was a genuine Spanish risotto, so the rice was not as soft as we usually eat. This was the only one aspect of her dinner that Amy didn’t really care for, but she still enjoyed her Love One meal very much. Finally, our desert was “Combo Honey Toast” (鮮果饗宴蜜糖領結). It looked very cute and luxurious, and tasted really awesome. The toast was filled with honey and was very sweet. The fruits were so fresh and juicy that neither of us could stop eating! We both loved it very much and thought it was the best desert we had ever eaten.

We had a wonderful evening at Love One. Their meals were really delicious, and our desert was heavenly. If you come here, you really must try it. The decoration and atmosphere at Love One were also great. The music and the lighting made were relaxing and the neon lights at the entrance were also beautiful and romantic. Perhaps we were fortunate in coming to Love One in the evening; otherwise, we would have missed that special “welcome.” In summary, Love One is a really good place to get together with friends – and maybe even a better place to get together with that one “special” friend. We recommend it sincerely!
Love One
59 Fuxing North Road, Xitun District, Taichung
Hours: Brunch 7:00-11:00; Meals & Drinks 11:00-22:00

Phone: 04-2707-5898

Finding the Perfect Dorm at Feng Chia University

Barry Xue

It is important to live comfortably and conveniently, so choosing a suitable place to live is an important issue for freshmen at Feng Chia University (FCU). Most freshmen choose to live in one of the three dormitories near the FCU campus.  

All photos by the author

Tai-Fon dormitory is exclusively for men. If you walk from the Tai-Fon dorm to school, you will need only about 5 minutes. Another advantage is that, unlike at other dorms, residents at this dorm can go out at any time. This means that, if you feel hungry in the middle of the night, you can go out to buy some food. Tai-Fon dorm is located in a great neighborhood, too. There are convenience stores, laundromats, breakfast shops, snack bars and photocopy shops all close by.

Fu-Xin dormitory has the lowest price of all the dorms. It is a bit farther away, though; it will take you about 10 to 15 minutes to get to school. Fu-Xin’s major advantage is that it is managed by volunteer students. All of them are upper year students, and they were trained during the summer vacation. These upperclassmen stay at the information desk all day and will help you if you have any problems. They will also check who hasn’t come back before 24:00. 

Also, when midnight comes, the gate outside the dorm will be locked by the security guard. Thus, if you still want to get into the dorm after 24:00, you will have to register and show your student ID card to the security guard. Even though they have these rules, the Fu-Xin dorm has lots of entertainment facilities for students, including a basketball court, baseball field, and gymnasium. It’s just like a residential area.

Han-Lin dormitory is in located in a residential area within the Feng Chia shopping district. Like Tai-Fon dorm, you can come and go 24/7. It is about a 10- to 15-minute walk from school, and there is a parking lot for scooters. Han-Lin dorm offers leisure facilities for all residents. A special feature of the Han-Lin dorm is a road runs through it! The buildings on both sides of the road are Han-Lin dorm.

All of the dorms I have mentioned in this article have gyms, self-study centers, and fellowship halls. Only Tai-Fon dorm is exclusively for men; the others accept both male and female students. If being free to go out at any time as an important factor, I suggest you choose Tai-Fon dorm or Han-Lin dorm. If you want a full lifestyle without going outside your dorm, you can choose the Fu-Xin dorm. There are many choices for students at Feng Chia University, so you are sure to find the living environment just right for you.

Fu-Xin dormitory
98 Fusing North Road, Situn District, Taichung
Phone: (04)2451-7250

Tai-Fon dormitory
200 Wunhua Road, Situn District, Taichung
Phone: (04)2702-1555

Han-Lin dormitory
6-13 Chongyi Street, Situn District, Taichung

Phone: (04)2451-4433 or (04)2451-3533

“The Conjuring” Will Haunt You All Night - A Movie Review

                         Sunny Wu & Judy Lee

Do you believe that evil exists? “The Conjuring” is based on a true story about one family who can answer that question with a loud “YES!”  After seeing “The Conjuring,” we are not sure how we would answer the question, but this scary movie kept us up all night thinking about it!.
Photo courtesy of
The story is a true one about what happened to the Perron family.  In 1971, they moved to a mysterious farmhouse on the outskirts of town. After they moved into the house, unexplainable and frightful things began to occur.  For example, while the two Perron daughters were sleeping, they were pulled out of their beds by their fee – by nothing at all! Finally, when the Perrons were fatigued by these strange incidents, they asked Lorraine and Ed Warren for help. The Warrens are famous exorcists – people who help other people get rid of ghosts and evil spirits.  After the Warrens took over this case, they discovered that there was a miserable story associated with the house – and that is the basis of “The Conjuring.”

A great horror movie needs great actors to interpret it. “The Conjuring” stars  Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston as the Perrons, and their superb acting (as well as that of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, who play the Warrens) makes the whole movie terrifyingly believable.  Moreover, the sets in the movie are very old-fashioned and gloomy, and the photographer used dark, documentary-type style to make the film even gloomier. The acting matched the sets perfectly, and this made the whole film terribly frightening.

       At the end of the movie,Ed Warren says, “The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges on which we decide to follow.” This means that whatever we decide to do, we should follow our hearts and not allow our convictions to shake. “The Conjuring” is not only an entertaining movie but also an Inspirational movie. After watching it, you will think of horror movies differently. If you want to challenge your beliefs about evil, don’t miss the film “The Conjuring;” it will break your traditional concept of horror movies.

Light and Salt Pasta – A Restaurant Review

Jeffrey Chang & Andy Wang

For the past three years, my friend and I have been desperate to find a place where we might have a pleasant time and a delicious meal. When we say, “a pleasant time and a delicious meal,” we mean good, healthy food and, most importantly, a good, clean environment.  With Light and Salt Pasta, we think we have hit the jackpot.

All photos courtesy of the authors
 At Light and Salt Pasta, the prices range from $50 to $80 per dish. We bet you couldn't find any pasta restaurant that serves better food at such low prices. The couple who owns the restaurant used to work in the catering industry, which means that they really know food. We once asked them how they could keep their prices so low, and the owner said that money wasn't their first priority. He said that they devote themselves to the community, to students, and to God.

Everything they sell at Light and Salt Pasta is healthy. Their dishes use a great variety of vegetables and very little oil or salt; this is what makes them special. The owners of Light and Salt Pasta go to market every morning and carefully choose the ingredients they are going to need. I guess that why their sauces are quite different than others. You can choose one of six different sauces, Marinara, Cream, Pesto, Dijon mustard, Curry, or Panfry. Once you have decided on your sauce, it's time to add the other elements to complete your pasta order. You get to choose from clams, shrimp, chicken, beef, bacon, and pork cutlets. On the other hand, you can stick to the original Light and Salt pasta and add nothing but your favorite sauce.

Someone once told us that, "Nice dinning atmosphere will make your food better." Light and Salt pasta actually accomplish this. They have only five tables and a short bar, which creates an enjoyable, cozy dinning environment. Their interior is neat and clean. You might wonder why we highlighted these; Light and Salt Pasta is actually much cleaner than many other restaurants around Feng Chia University. You can really see that they put a lot of effort into running their restaurant.

When people think of where to eat in the Feng Chia area, they often hear that there are just too many choices.  However, if you are looking for a restaurant that you would like to try again and again, every time you go to Feng Chia night market, then Light and Salt pasta should definitely be your first choice. 

Light and Salt Pasta

19 Wenhua Road, Lane 138, Xitun District, Taichung 
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 11:00 – 21:00
Phone: 0910-343217

My Favorite Baseball Team – Lamigo Monkeys

Jelly Lee

All photos courtesy Lamigo Monkeys official web page: 

We Taiwanese think of baseball as our national sport, which shows just how popular baseball is in Taiwan. There are 4 teams in the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CBL) now,  the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions, the Brother Elephants, the EDA Rhinos, and the Lamigo Monkeys. For many reasons, the Lamigo Monkeys is my favorite team!

Everyone at the Lamigo Monkeys are happy, including the players, the staff, and the fans. When I watch their games, I can see that their players get along with their coworkers well. They are just like a big family! The older players take care of the younger ones, and the younger players learn from their more experienced teammates. They compete and help each other happily at the same time. When I watch their games, I feel like I’m watching my friends play. I am nervous and happy along with them.

Another reason I like Monkeys is because of the team sponsor – the owner of Lamigo. He not only pays the players and maintains the team’s facilities, he also learns from the Japanese and the American baseball team system and makes new and suitable policies that help the team. For example, the Monkeys was the first team to have a full roster of replacement players so that their starters could take a rest if they were injured. Moreover, Lamigo was the first team to hire cheerleaders! This was not something new in baseball, but it was totally new to Taiwan. The Lamigo girls are pretty, energetic, and dance well. They attract more fans to their games and definitely make the games more exciting! The Lamigo Monkeys was the first team to begin these policies, and we are happy to see other teams following them.  Baseball in Taiwan is getting better and better!

I always enjoy watching Lamigo games with my family. We enjoy the great skills, the exciting tempo, and the happy atmosphere. Of course, the boys in the family love the cute cheerleaders, and the girls love the handsome players! We scream when they catch the ball, and discuss every umpire’s call. Watching the Monkeys play brings our family together and has become almost a family ritual.  

     Of course, the other teams in the CBL have loyal fans, too. The next time there is a CBL game in a town nearby, you really have to check it out.  You will be sure to have a great time, and you just might find yourself as big a fan as I am!

Kending – A Wonderful Place to Create Memories

Jennifer Li & Maggie Lin

Kending is located at the very southern tip of Taiwan. It’s a famous holiday resort where you will find different kinds of beaches and views. The atmosphere there is very, very relaxing – in fact, to us, it is absolutely vacation heaven. The two of us and a few of our friends recently spent two days enjoying this wonderful place, and we’d like to tell you a bit about our trip! 

When we arrived in Kending, we immediately went to the Pak Sha Wan beach. The mountains and the ocean are really beautiful there. Of course, we played in the water, played beach volleyball, sunbathed, drank some beer, and just didn’t think about anything at all. It was really awesome to relax in the sunshine at Pak Sha Wan beach.

After the sun started to set, we went to Kending night market to look for dinner. We finally chose Didi restaurant.  This Thai restaurant is the most popular restaurant in Kending. We ordered every dish on the menu that had a ‘chili’ icon in front of; this means that the dish is a specialty of the house. All that spicy food was really appetizing on such a hot day. After dinner, we went shopping at the Kending night market and bought souvenirs for friends. However, shopping was exhausting, and we needed supplies to keep our energy up for the rest of our journey. We ate some Mexico spicy chicken wings, which were so tasty and so spicy that we both got “sausage lips.”

We also watched a show at a pub in the night market. The performers included musclemen, spicy girls, andshemales,” men dressed up as women. During the show, something unexpected happened. We pushed one of our friends up onto the stage to perform with the spicy girls. The spicy girls tore off all his clothes except for his underpants. Then, after we counted down, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1”, our friend was suddenly entirely bare for about 3 seconds. The audience was so surprised that they all laughed until their tears flowed. Everyone thanked him for giving everyone a wonderful night! He really did give us an unforgettable Kending memory.

On the next day, we got up at around 4:00 and drove out to watch the sunrise. We were sleepy, but we still wanted to see the sunrise at Kending. An hour later, we were confused about why we had not arrived yet. Then we saw a sign pointing toward Taitung (on the eastern coast of Taiwan), and we realized that we had driven in the wrong direction. We were stunned at seeing the road sign, but were soon pleasantly surprised by an unexpectedly wonderful beach sunrise! We had stopped at an unknown beach that was very secret and undisturbed. We were contented as we watched the sun rise. It was a beautiful mistake – and beautiful Kending memory.

Kending is a really an amazing place that everyone must visit at least once in their life. Most students go to Kending during their summer vacation to forget all the pressure of their student life and enjoy the treasures of Mother Nature. We would like to remind you that you don’t have to wait until summer; any long weekend is plenty of time to visit this vacation heaven.  We love Kending, and we are sure that you will too!

New Features on the FCU APPs System

Kane Chang & Anson Wang

Feng Chia University is always coming up with new ways to help their students learn more and do better work.  This semester, FCU has added four brand-new online communications functions for teachers and students, and in this article we will introduce two of them – the online meeting room reservation system, and the SKY+ cloud system.

We all know that university life if different from high school life in many ways.  High school students may spend more time in the classroom, but university students have to do a lot more reports and presentations.  Therefore, group discussion space is very important for FCU students.  There is a new FCU APP that allows students to make online reservation for the meeting rooms in 人言 building.  The reservation system is easy and quick. 

All graphics courtesy of the authors (from the FCU Webpage)
First, enter the FCU Current Students page and click on the first item in the right-hand menu, “校務資訊應用服務網.” After you have logged in, click “積學堂借用申請.” Before you reserve your meeting room, check to see if the room you want to use is available.  Do this by clicking “空間狀態查詢.”

After you find an available meeting room, choose the time you want to borrow the room and indicate how long you will use it.  Finally, enter the student ID numbers of your group members, and click “確定送出.”

Of course, getting together with your teammates and discussing your project is just the first step in doing a great report.  After the meeting, you will want to share project documents. We used to share documents the “old fashioned” way, by making photocopies for everyone.  Then we got smart and learned to distribute them through email. Now, we have another choice – SKY+.  The FCU SKY+ system is a cloud program that we FCU students can use to save our data.  If you have ever used Dropbox, you can understand this concept easily.  The FCU SKY+ system provides all FCU students with 10 GB of free space for storing data (including videos, music, photos, and documents).  This is more than twice the space you get with Dropbox. To use the new FCU SKY+, just follow these simple steps.

First, log into the FCU APPs system as described above and click “學校資源;” you will see “SKY+ 雲端空間” in the menu on the left.

After you log on to the SKY+ system, you will see “上傳” (upload), just click it and chose the documents from your computer’s disk that you want to store and share with your team members.  Then click the icon in the red box to share your documents.

Third, once you have stored your documents in the FCU SKY+ cloud, you can chose to share your documents by e-mail, QR code or through the icloud system.  Personally, we like to use e-mail because most student check their email many times each day. To share your documents by email, just click “郵件通知” (e-mail)

Then enter your team members’ student ID numbers, fill in the e-mail Subject line and click “傳送” (send).  It’s just that simple. Your documents or folders will be sent to your team members immediately without even a second’s wait!

Feng Chia University students say they are lucky to attend such a great school. Now, they are even luckier because FCU has updated their APPs system to include some really useful functions.  Students can now make online meeting room reservations and share important documents by using the FCU SKY+ cloud system.  Both of these functions are extremely practical and easy to use, and they will no doubt help us show our teachers just how smart we really are!   

Click - A Movie Review

Shadow Chen & Lesly Liu

There are only 24 hours in a day, no more and no less. Now imagine what you could do if you could stop time, fast forward, or make time flow backwards as if you were watching your favorite DVD. Well, that’s just what happens in the movie, Click. However, things don’t always work out like the way you expect them to. Let’s look together what happens in “Click.”

Photo courtesy of

Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) is an architect who has a lovely family with his wife (Kate Beckinsale) and two cute children. At the beginning of the movie, Michael works very hard because he wants to get a promotion. Therefore, he gets home late almost every day and seldom has time with his family. One day he has a fight with his wife because he can’t find the right remote control to the TV. To make his life simpler and prevent future arguments, Michael decides to buy a new remote control that could control every electronic device in his house. He goes to the department store and the owner, Morty (Christopher Walken), gives him a super remote control and promises him that it will control EVERYthing and that this will help him start enjoying his life. When Michael gets home he discovers that his new remote control doesn’t control only his electronic devices; it can actually control time! At first, Michael is happy to have this super remote control. He can press “Stop” and everyone stops except for him so that he can get some rest from his busy work day. 

After a while, however, Michael starts to lose control. Time starts flowing faster and faster, and Michael starts to realize that he is missing lots of beautiful things in his life. This reminds Michael to think about the important things in his life. Finally, at the end of the movie, Michael wakes up on a bed in the department store where he is about to buy the new remote control. He opens his eyes and realizes it was just a dream. After returning home, he finds a super remote control on his table; apparently, his wife came up with the same idea to avoid arguments. Michael picks up the remote control, smiles for a moment, and then throws it into the trash.

We usually see Adam Sandler (Michael) in comedies. In this movie, he shows his talent for making us laugh, but he also let us see his dramatic acting skills when he feels regret at the end of the movie. Kate Beckinsale (Donna) has also been in many movies. She plays a good wife in this movie, taking care of her husband and kids and making everything perfect. Christopher Walken (Morty) is usually cast as the villain in his movies. In “Click,” his role is also a villain, but he gives a special “soul” to his role as a mysterious clerk who is actually Death. Walken is wonderful in this role even though he is not the bad guy we usually expect him to be.

We only live once, and there are many things for us to enjoy in life. Unfortunately, we often ignore the most important things in our lives just like Michael does. All he wants to do is make money to provide a better, happier life, but working too hard makes his life stressful and not happy at all. It was not until he has this dream that he realizes how valuable his time is. This is not just another funny movie; it also has a message for the audiences. It helps us to think about the time we have and about how we should enjoy our time with family. Nobody can change the past, but every one of us can change our future; start now by cherishing your time!

Weekend Days in a City Garden - Calligraphy Greenway

   Coco Hsiao

       In downtown Taichung city, there is a special place where you can forget all your worries and enjoy an incredible time. This is my favorite garden – The Calligraphy Greenway.

All photos courtesy of the author
 Calligraphy Greenway is a scenic parkway that runs from the National Museum of Natural Science all the way to the Eslite bookstore. Start your tour at the Science Museum, where it is convenient to park your motorcycle.  You can also get to the museum by bus number 83, 86, or 88. Walk from the museum to Taichung Port Road 5 minutes away.  Cross Taichung Port Road, and you will see a greenway in the median full of tall, straight trees covered by a blue sky with white clouds. Take off your shoes and ramble barefoot on the grass. As you walk along the Greenway, you will come across beautiful artistic waterfalls which are lit by a light show in the evening. Put all your problems aside and focus on one thing – relaxing. As your mind becomes tranquil, you will know that this is Taichung’s best place to release pressure.  


Following the parkway from Taichung Port Road, you will see “CMP Block Museum of Art” on your left. Every month, this museum holds literature and art exhibitions or shows some creative art pieces in an outdoor area. For example, there is currently an interesting fair called, “Fun Ten – Taichung Creative City” that introduces the best way to visit ten noteworthy small cities in Greater Taichung. The museum is also a stage for artists to share or express their opinions through their works of art. It is like they want to use this exhibition to tell visitors, “You can discover surprises anywhere.”

After walking for 5 more minutes, your second stop is the Eslite Booksore inside the勤美department store. Here, you can enjoy a wonderful afternoon reading in the natural sunlight that passed through the windows and listening to the classical music.  It is a wonderful atmosphere. Eslite is not only a good place to browse through lots of books and learn new things, it is also a great place to find yourself some space to think alone.

When the sun is about to set, it’s time to sit out at one of the many small restaurants along the greenway. The Naked Café is my favorite American country style restaurant. They sell American light meals or snacks such as hamburgers and submarine sandwiches. I love sitting outside in the evening with one of their fresh vegetable sandwiches and a cup of coffee. It’s a delicious “snack” that can easily fill you up like a meal. Here you will also relax while musicians perform Chinese traditional music. These artists make this environment a place permeated with art and literature. That’s why I like to spend my free time here on the weekends.

The Calligraphy greenway is a precious place that other cities don’t have. It’s a terrific place to enjoy your free time and refresh yourself before the next school week starts!      

Cmp Block Museum of Arts
257-2 Taichung Port Road Section 1, West District, Taichung
Hours: 14:00 – 20:00 (Close on Monday)
Phone: 0800-266-155

The Naked Café
575 Meicun Road Section 1, West District, Taichung
Hours: 07:00 – 21:00
Phone: 04-2326-1168

Ching Yi Ser Beef Noodles (清一色牛肉麵): A Restaurant Review

Louis Wu and Eric Lei

Everyone knows that beef noodles is a popular food in Taiwan, but Ching Yi Ser Beef Noodles is different from other noodle shops. The beef at Ching Yi Ser is imported from Australia and cooked with Chinese medicine. We recently visited the Ching Yi Ser shop on Gan Su Road here in Taichung. It really was different.

The first thing that we noticed about Ching Yi Ser Beef Noodles was that their shop was very bright, clean, and comfortable. The second thing we noticed was that even though the name of the restaurant is “beef noodles,” they actually sell lots of other things, including curry rice, dry noodles, dumplings, and soup.

All photos courtesy of the authors

Eric had a bowl of Pon Pon Hu Beef Noodles (碰碰胡牛肉麵), and I had the Wonton Noodles (餛飩麵). Eric said that the beef really was special; it was made from brisket and beef shank, which means there wasn’t much fat. He was very satisfied with his order because the beef was tender and delicious. I don’t eat beef, so I chose the Wonton Noodles. When I got my noodles, I was very surprised at their wontons because they were so big! They contained a lot of filling and tasted really delicious!

The prices at Ching Yi Ser Beef Noodles are between NT$100-120. We thought that this was reasonable because there also provide sliced pickled radish, pearl milk tea, black tea, and ice water – all free! The servers at Ching Yi Ser Beef Noodles are very polite; they are friendly and take customer orders with a smile.

Ching Yi Ser Beef Noodles is a great place for students like us because the service is good, the decoration is bright and clean, there are many foods you can choose from, and they provide free beverages. If think the Gan Su Road location is a bit far, there is also a Ching Y Ser Beef Noodles nearer school on Fu Xing Road.

Ching Yi Ser Beef Noodles

Gan Su Shop: 183 of Gan Su Road Section 1, Xi Tun District, Taichung  
Feng Chia Shop: 204 of Fu Xing Road, Xi Tun District, Taichung
Phone: (04)2313-1000
On the web: