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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The FCU Students Association

Kevin Yang

Every student knows there is Students Association here at Feng Chia University, but few know exactly what the FCU Students Association (FCUSA) is or what it does. Actually, the FCUSA does a lot more than you might think.
Graphics courtesy FCUSA

The FCU Students Association is divided into three departments: Parliament(議會), Administrative Center (行政中心), and Review Committee(評議委員會).
The FCUSA Parliament is made up of representatives from each academic department on campus; these members are elected by their departmental classmates. The Parliament is responsible for establishing the annual budget of the FCUSA Administrative Center and overseeing the Center’s activities.

The FCUSA Administrative Center is composed of eight departments and three committees. All the department and committee officers are volunteers. They are nominated by the FCU Chairman, and appointed by Parliament. The Administrative Center’s work can be divided into two parts, holding activities and protecting students’ right and welfare.

Of course, what most students see of the FCUSA are the activities hosted by the Administrative Center. For example, the Administrative Center holds the annual Welcome Freshmen Concert, graduation concert, and Christmas ceremony. Because the FCUSA also wants to be seen by the local community as a “good neighbor,” they host a Community Cleaning activity, where they pick up litter and sweep the streets surrounding the campus.

The second responsibility of the FCUSA Administrative Center is protecting students’ rights and welfare by handling students’ appeals, For example, if a student believes a teacher give marks unfairly, the student can file an appeal with the FCUSA and the Administrative Center will take the student’s appeal to the appropriate administrative unit on campus and follow up on the appeal outcome.
Finally, the FCUSA has a Review Committee that helps resolve differences of opinion that sometimes come up as the Parliament and the Administrative Center work on their projects. Members of the FCUSA Review Committee are chosen from among members who have worked in Parliament or the Administrative Center for at least one year.

As you can see, the FCU Students Association is constantly working on projects to improve FCU students’ lives. If you think you would like to help out, be sure to “throw you hat into the ring” when the next FCUSA Parliamental elections are held. Until then, be sure to watch for posters announcing FCUSA events!

Feng Chia University Student Association

Office: Ren-Yan Building B2

On Facebook:

Get Your Favorite Magazines in Feng Chia University Library

Barry Hsueh

Feng Chia library provides its students with many learning resources. Of course, the school library is the location of most of these resources.  The FCU library contains many books, newspapers and magazines. Whenever I have free time, I like to go “window shopping” among the magazines because there really is a lot to choose from.

All photos by the author
 The magazines at the FCU library are located on two different floors. In the basement, you will find magazines about learning and news. Some of the learning magazines are about language learning, and some are academic journals. The news magazines cover both national and international news. All the magazines in this room are on metal shelves, and there are traditional desks and wooden chairs between the windows and book shelves where you can sit and read. Whatever you want to learn about, there is a magazine that is just right for you.


       On the library’s third floor, you will find magazines for leisure reading – monthly comic books, news about media stars, and magazines about travel.  The magazines in this area are on wooden shelves and there are lots of comfortable stuffed chairs. 

Because this area is for leisure reading, there are no study tables or hard chairs. It’s a great place to read for fun or just take a rest.

 The FCU library has at least one magazine on just about every topic.  However, if you can’t find what you want, just go talk to the person at the service desk. If the library doesn’t have the magazine you want, you fill out a form and suggest that the library subscribe to it. That’s how students at Feng Chia University student get their favorite magazines in the FCU library!

Mayday's "The Second Life" – A Music Review

Louis Wu and Eric Lei

In Taiwan, Mayday is a popular band that was established in 1997. Mayday members are Ashin (阿信), Monster(怪獸), Richard (石頭), Matthew Tsai (瑪莎), and MING (冠佑). Mayday has won many awards. Their dream is to be like The Beatles in Taiwan. Mayday has released many albums. Their songs have a lot of different styles. If you don’t know what songs to listen to, you can choose Mayday’s songs.

Mayday released their eighth album, The Second Life, in 2011. There are twelve songs on the album, and the songs are sung in many styles such as lyric songs, brisk songs, and rock songs. 

Video courtesy binmusictaipei  (

Ashin, the lead singer, does an outstanding job on The Second Life. He has a fine, powerful voice. Mayday’s rhythms and melodies memorable, and you will find yourself humming along with them. The lyrics of Mayday’s songs describe life. They remind people to treasure time and seize the day. They also encourage people to do something they want while they are alive. Life is short, so we should make our dreams come true and achieve our goals. Because the songs on The Second Life are about our lives they have become very popular; The Second Life has won many awards.

Video courtesy binmusictaipei(

Our favorite songs on this album are “The Second Life” and “Cheers” (乾杯). We think these two songs are touching and meaningful, and their rhythms and melodies are brisk and inspirational. The lyrics encourage us to pursue our goals no matter how hard they are. When we are depressed, we listen to the two songs and we will feel better.

The lyrics of the songs on The Second Life are meaningful, and the rhythms and melodies are great. The songs are done in many styles, so you will definitely find one you really like. If you have never heard Mayday, we suggest that The Second Life is your best choice.

Same Festivals, Different Celebrations

Andy Wang & Jeffrey Cheng

    Although Chinese festivals are celebrated around the globe, they are celebrated in different ways in different places.  In Taiwan and Malaysia, the two most important holidays in Chinese culture are celebrated in ways that are a little bit similar and a little bit different.   Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in Chinese culture. It is as important in Chinese communities as Christmas is in western countries. On Chinese New Year’s eve, families gather for a reunion dinner. The food served at the reunion meal is extremely delicious. However, you should not finish any of the dishes completely; you should always leave a little. This is because the Chinese word for “left over” also means “more than enough,” so by leaving some on the plate, you will bring good luck and, in the new year, you will earn more than you need.   

    In Taiwan, after finishing the reunion meal, youngsters greet their elders and parents and grandparents give the youngsters lucky envelopes with a little money inside and wish them a happy new year. Later, as they stay up waiting for midnight and the beginning of the new year, some Taiwanese play mah-jong, cards, or dice with friends to win a little more good luck or extra lucky money. These same activities take place in 
Chinese homes in Malaysia, too.   

     The Moon festival, as known as Mid-autumn Festival, is the second most important festival in Chinese culture. During Moon Festival, families usually have moon cakes and pomelos, and sit outside and enjoy the full moon. Of course, the full moon is a symbol for “completeness,” so it also a time for families to come together for some quality time.  

     In recent years, Taiwanese have started having barbecues instead of eating the traditional moon cakes, and pomelos. In contrast, Chinese in Malaysia have kept with the traditional foods. On the other hand, the Malaysian Chinese celebrate the Moon Festival with activities that are different from the traditional ones seen in Taiwan. In Malaysia, people have lantern coloring contests during the Moon Festival. In Taiwan, people play lantern games on during the Lantern Festival.

      Although the way people celebrate common holidays is different in different places, the meaning of these traditional Chinese festivals remains the same. They are all about family gathering together and enjoying each other’s company. If you have a chance to participate in these festivals with your local Chinese community, we highly recommend it. These festivals are really quite interesting, and something you should not miss!

Wheel cakes at 學甲人車輪餅 - A Restaurant Review

Cindy Chiu & Vera Tsai

Eating wheel cakes (車輪餅) is a childhood memory for many Taiwanese people. Last year, we found a booth near our school which sells these delicious cakes. The booth is called 學甲人車輪餅. This traditional dessert is very rare in the Feng Chia Night Market area, so we decided to try it. 
All photos by the authors
 The booth’s owners are a nice old couple (so nice that they even provide free iced tea to customers in summer!). The cakes come in five flavors – red red bean, taro, butter, peanut, and radish. Recently, they have started offering a new flavor, too – chocolate.

Of course, their most popular flavors are the traditional red bean and taro. Because of their natural ingredients, Cindy and I love these two flavors very much. The old couple said their red beans are from Wan Dan and their taro is from Dajia; these two places are famous for these products. Besides, the texture of these two wheel cakes is very smooth, and you can bite into real red bean and taro in them – delicious!

The first time we tried 學甲人車輪餅 wheel cakes, we weren’t satisfied … we wanted more! The wheel cakes at 學甲人車輪餅 are delicious and convenient to eat at the roadside or to take home, and they are not expensive. 學甲人車輪餅 wheel cakes are a good choice for dessert after lunch or dinner. In addition to the red bean and taro wheel cakes, we also recommend that you try the other flavors.

There is a great variety of food available in the Feng Chia Night Market area, but no matter what you have for breakfast or lunch, don’t forget the wheel cakes at 學甲人車輪餅 for your dessert!


The corner of Wen Hua Road and Xi An Street
Hours: 1130-2000, Monday – Friday & Sunday (closed Saturdays)

La Vie Douce – A Restaurant Review

Jennifer Li & Maggie Lin

Both of us are seniors at Feng Chia University, and we always like to try new things. Therefore, we like to go to different restaurants in the Feng Chia area. Lately, we have found a new restaurant, La Vie Douce, near school. We quickly made a reservation and spent a Sunday afternoon having good time there.
All photos by the authors

From the outside, La Vie Douce looks like an exotic grocery store. Through the French windows, you can see the shadows of people moving around inside the romantically lit restaurant. When you walk in, you will see the waitress standing at a counter near a display case filled with beautiful desserts. 

 Beside the dessert case is a self-service area for lemon water and tissues. To the right of the front door, you will see a suite of classic French furniture in the corner.  In the other corners of the restaurant, there are wooden chairs and tables that can be used when there are many customers.

La Vie Douce sells classic French foods such as crepes (sweet or salty), quiches, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. They also have a number of beverages, including milk tea, coffee, and tea. At Vie Douce, they offer three kinds of sandwiches, chicken, duck and ham. Moreover, their sandwich sets (NT$250) also include mashed potatoes, a salad, and a beverage (coffee or tea).

The specialty of the house at La Vie Douce is “Crogue Madame” – French toast with ham and a sunny side up egg. If you do not like eggs, you can order “Crogue Monsieur,” which is the same dish without the egg. If you want to upgrade your set meal, you can add NT$58 and receive a beverage (coffee or tea). You won’t see any dessert on the menu because they are different every day. If you want to order a dessert, you need to go to the display case to choose it yourself.

On the day we went, we both ordered the specialty, Crogue Madame. When our meals arrived at the table, we were surprise to see that at La Vie Douce, they serve their food on wooden planks instead of plates, which made our meal more attractive.  We tried our Crogue Madame first. The bread was hand-made, soft and tender; the ham and egg were perfect. Then we tried our salads. The special thing about the La Vie Douce salads is that their vegetables are organic and sent from the farm every day. Our salads were fresh and crisp, and were topped with an oil and vinegar salad dressing. The mashed potatoes that came with our set meal were dense and moist. After we finished our meals, we moved on to our sweet crepes. Both of our crepes were decorated with organic rose petals and a scoop of ice cream. Actually, we could tell they would be delicious just by seeing how beautiful they were! I ordered the apple caramel crepe, and Maggie ordered the banana chocolate crepe because she doesn’t like cinnamon. After our meals, the waitress served us wonderful blueberry tea. It smelled terrific and was very relaxing.

The waitresses in La Vie Douce are very friendly. When you walk into La Vie Douce, you can hear their warm “Welcome!” and see big smiles on their faces. During our meal, they clearly introduced every dish they served us. AT La Vie Douce, they really made us feel at home!

We both had a great time at La Vie Douce. The meals were really attractive and delicious. If you live in the Feng Chia area, you must come here and try it; we especially recommend the “Crogue Madame.” In summary, La Vie Douce is a good place to have brunch or afternoon tea and to chat with friends. Girls will especially like the romantic atmosphere. Don’t forget to make a reservation before visiting La Vie Douce because the seats there are limited. We heartily recommend you give it a try!

La Vie Douce

13 Fuxing North Road, Xitun District, Taichung

Hours: 8:30-22:00 daily (closed on Tuesdays)

A Visit to The National Museum of Natural Science

Ivy Chian and Yuba Liang

One day, as we were on the road to have dinner, we looked up and saw an advertisement for the Mammoth Itinerancy display on the Taichung’s most famous museum, the National Museum of Natural Science. Because we were interested in the mammoth, we couldn’t wait to see the display. After we saw the mammoth display, we found that there are many different displays in the museum as well as. The other displays are always in the museum, so you can go there anytime. 

The National Museum of Natural Science is one of the most popular spots in Taichung. However, because there are many parking spaces nearby, we took our car. If you don’t have a car, busses are also convenient. You can take the No. 77 or No. 83 U-bus or the shuttle bus from Taichung Park.  Tickets are usually is NT$ 100 per person, but before 10 o’clock on Wednesday, the tickets are free. We went on a Wednesday.

All photos by the authors

The Mammoth Itinerancy display is easy to find; just turn right after you  go into the science center. We were not the only ones who wanted to see the mammoth.  There were many elementary school students there with their teachers (remember, admission is free on Wednesday mornings). Their teachers arranged for the museum docents to introduce the mammoth display. We followed their group and learned a lot about the mammoth. Mammoth fossils are very rare; they are usually found under glaciers that have melted because of global warming. This mammoth was borrowed from Tainan museum of science. It’s rare opportunity for students in Taichung to see the mammoth.

After the tour of the mammoth display was over, we looked at the museum brochure. The museum includes a Space Theater and a 3D-theater. We wanted to visit both because our friends recommended that we see both. We spent NT$ 70 and bought tickets for the Space Theater. The movie, Flying Monsters, was about flying animals from dragons to birds. The movie theater has a giant, semi-spherical dome screen, and we enjoyed watching a movie looking up!

The museum’s 3D-theater is a nice place for families with children. The tickets are NT$ 70 per person, and you can see two movies with one ticket. The movies now are “Yogi Bear” and “Escape from Dino Island.” Many students in the 3D theater waved their hands to catch the animals on the screen. It was reality and exciting. The 3D-theater is really worth it.

The National Museum of Natural Science also has many different displays areas, including Life Science, Human Culture and Global Environment, as well as the Science Center. There were many things for us to discover at the Science Museum, but, because we didn’t have much time, we didn't look at the other displays. We hope we will have time to come back and learn more interesting things.

We learned lots of things from our visit to the National Museum of Natural Science. We were especially excited to see a rare mammoth fossil. We were delighted about the displays, and we were also very happy to find so many interesting things in the museum. The most important thing is we really had fun. We think that the National Museum of Natural Science is good place for everyone. We will definitely come here again.

National Taiwan Museum of Science

No.1 Guanqian Rd. Taichung
Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 0900 - 1700 (national holidays and Chinese New Year excluded); closed Mondays
Ticket hours:  8:50 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.
Phone: (04)2322-6940

Website :

The English Honors Program at Feng Chia University

Jelly Lee

Having more than one professional ability is a necessity nowadays. To help students develop a second area of professional knowledge, academic departments at Feng Chia offer many programs such as the Creative Design Program, Project Management Program, and English Honors Program. When I was an undergraduate, I participated in the English Honor Program. I really loved the Program, and I think you will, too.
The English Honors Program has been around for about 10 years. In the beginning, the Program was hosted by the Business College. As time passed by, more and more students from other Colleges have joined the Program, so the Program moved to the FCU Language Center. The Language Center hosts other Programs and is also responsible for English classes for all non-English major students in Feng Chia. All Programs at FCU have different requirements. There are two ways to join the English Honors Program. Some freshmen take a test to compete with other students to get into the Program. However, most students in the Program are recommended by their academic departments.  

All photos by the author

There are many reasons why so many students want to get into the English Honors Program. First, the teachers who teach Honors Program classes are outgoing.  That means that they use lively teaching techniques that make even grammar interesting! 

They remind students of their mistakes by making jokes and use a lot of funny examples. As a result, the classes are always filled with interesting discussions, even the writing classes. This makes a deep impression on students. 

Second, students meet new friends from other colleges by discussing with teachers and classmates. Finally, the English Honors Program helps students develop all of their English skills – listening, reading, writing, and speaking. There are 4 required writing and reading classes and 5 elective classes. After completing all nine classes, students will get a certificate to show that they have finished the program.

Language learning at Feng Chia is always changing with the times to meet students’ needs, and offering these special Programs is one example. Personally, I really enjoyed the English Honors Program. It played an irreplaceable role in my university life. I would recommend that freshmen consider taking this Program. I am sure the English Honors Program will continue to get better and better so that even more students will be able to participate and develop the English skills they will need when they graduate and begin their professional lives. 

"Three Idiots" - A Movie Review

Lesly Liu &Shadow Chen

  “If the path you walk in your life has been arranged for you by some else, and if you are always trying to meet other peoples’ definition of “smart,” I would rather be a fool instead.” This sentence comes from Rancho, the character played by famous India actor Aamir Khan in the movie Three Idiots. This interesting, funny Bollywood film was released in 2009 and became the highest-grossing movie in its opening weekend and broke all opening box office records in India. Three Idiots is not only about friendship and love but also gives us other important life lessons.

Posters courtesy Vino Chopra Films ( 
  First, this story is about the interesting school lives of three boys studying at one of the best engineering colleges in India. Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan) comes from a middle-class family. Although his dream is to be a wildlife photographer, Farhan studies engineering because his father wants him to. Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) comes from a very poor family with deep religious belief. All he wants is to finish college, get a good job, and give his family a better life. The third “idiot” is Rancchoddas, "Rancho"(Aamir Khan), the smartest of the three boys. He is the only one who enjoys school.  He like studying so much that he wants to be a teacher and build a school after graduating. Because they live in the same dormitory, they soon become good friends. Although these three boys have different personalities and the dreams, the education system in India limits their freedom to be who they want to be.  

  Professor Viru Sahastrabudhhe (Boman Irani) is the teacher they call "Virus". He doesn’t like Rancho because he thinks Rancho is a bad role model; he always gives creative answers and shows his talent and spirit instead of giving the “textbook answer.” Therefore, “Virus” attempts to destroy the friendship between the three boys. Unfortunately, Rancho falls in love with Virus' daughter "Pia" (Karreena Kapoor), who is a medical student. Of course, this causes a lot of problems.

In this movie, the most impressive scenes are tragic. First, Rancho finishes a project for Joy, a fellow student who has given up on the project.  However, when he goes to surprise Joy with the results, he discovers that Joy has hanged himself in his dorm room. Second, the religious “idiot”, Raju, can’t take the pressure from Virus and his family and jumps out of a third-floor window and lands in the courtyard below, hurting himself badly. These scenes show how the Indian education system and the Taiwan education are a lot alike. For example, in both India and Taiwan, we just want to find the answer when we see the question but forget to think and lose our passion for learning. Watching Three Idiots made us think more about the problems in our education system and the real meaning of learning.

  Everyone has to find his or her own way and not just follow someone else’s ideas. In this movie, Rancho always encourages his friends, Farhan and Raju, to pursue their dreams, to overcome fear, and to never give up. "All is well" is Rancho's motto. He believes that when you face difficulty, everything will be fine as long as you follow your heart. Three Idiots is fun – and funny – and tells us a lot of important messages at the same time. You shouldn't miss it!

UNIQLO: A Shopping Review

Claire Hsu & Amy Chen

UNIQLO is a famous Japanese clothing brand. It is also the biggest national brand in Japan. UNIQLO’s clothing is simple, and their prices are affordable for everyone. In addition, UNIQLO provides a wide variety of clothing, including men’s, women’s, children’s clothes, and underwear for both genders and all ages. No wonder we can see a lot of UNIQLO’s shops in Taiwan. Our experience shopping at UNIQLO was a unique experience.
All photos by the authors
When we first stepped into the shop, we saw walls painted in , which made the room brighter and made the shoppers more cheerful. The lights on the ceiling were soft, so they would not be harsh to the eyes. Moreover, the shop was very big. Hence, even though there were a lot of people in the store when we were there, we did not feel crowded; we felt relaxed. Most importantly, the displays were arranged neatly, and the clothes were folded very well. The shop was bright, clean, and comfortable.

UNIQLO has two basic clothing designs – fashionable and informal. In their fashionable clothes, they use various patterns of famous animations or games on the clothing in different seasons. Their informal style clothing is very simple. There are no exaggerated patterns or decorations on the clothes. This design really corresponds to their goal – “Anytime, anywhere, anyone can wear it.” UNIQLO also provides many sizes, from s to XL, so customers are sure to find the right fit. The clothing is moderately priced, but the quality is not moderate at all. UNIQLO uses smooth and light cloth in their clothes, so everything they sell is really comfortable.

The service at UNIQLO is awesome. While we were shopping, the clerks were kind, and when we had questions, they answered patiently and passionately. Therefore, we were not shy about asking for help! Also, when you shop at UNIQLO, you can try on any clothes you like. That will help you make the correct decision. Sometimes, we buy clothes for our friends or family, but they can’t wear them. Don’t worry! UNIQLO offers a 30-day probation period. It means you can take any unsuitable item back to the shop and exchange it for something else. That is really a nice service.

My favorite UNIQLO is their checkered shirt.  I like it because there is a lot of variety. That is, there are long- and short-sleeve versions, and they come in big or small checks. Furthermore, the sewing is detailed, so buttons won’t fall off easily. I got a checkered shirt for myself and another one for my sister. I bought an orange, short-sleeve shirt with big checks. My sister’s was red. Both of us love the shirts very much.

UNIQLO is different from other shops. Unlike other shops, UNIQLO provides a lot of variety in styles, and there are also more sizes, from s to XL. In addition, UNIQLO quality is very high; you won’t be annoyed with buttons falling off. 

We really enjoyed shopping at UNIQLO. The space was big, so we did not feel that it was too crowded, and the air was not stuffy. The prices were reasonable, too. We would really love to share our favorite shopping place, UNIQLO, with everyone. If you like to wear informal clothes, or if you are on a budget, UNIQLO is a good choice for you. Have a good time shopping here!


111 Taichung Port Road 11F , Xitun District, Taichung
Hours: weekdays: 11:00-22:00; weekends: 10:30-22:00
Phone: (04)2251-1849