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Monday, January 6, 2014

Ivory Tower Café – A Restaurant Review

Sunny Wu & Judy Li

A few months ago, we two girls found a new café in an alley near Feng Chia University, but we were in a hurry and passed it by. One day, we had free time, so we decided to try it that evening. Although it looked a little common in the morning, it became very attractive after sunset because of their shiny pink neon sign. We were very excited about finally going to Ivory Tower Café and trying their dinner.

When we first walked into Ivory Tower Café, we saw their simple but delicate European decoration, including a fuchsia couch, classical meal chairs, a fretwork ceiling with white lights, and a fantastic lighted bar. 

There was also one wall filled with pictures of cute cats. Before we ordered our meals, we moved around to look at the rest of the restaurant; we found a “cat hole” at the bottom of the kitchen door – what a considerate design! 

Suddenly, two cats ran out and circled around our feet; it seemed like they were very fond of us! The atmosphere at Ivory Tower Café was very warm and cheerful, but not noisy. We felt relaxed, no matter if we wanted to play with the cats or just chat; the waitress always smiled at us and even taught us how to tease the cats for more fun. It was quite a special experience!

Ivory Tower Café sells not only coffee, but also exclusive fruit teas and smoothies. If you want to have lunch or dinner, they serve western food such as pasta, lasagna, and sandwiches (tuna salad, bacon omelet and smoked chicken). Of course, they have set meals just like many other restaurants. However, the names of their set meals are very special because all three set meals are named after the store’s cats: Fifi, Kiki, and Wiiwii. If you want to know the mystery of their set meals, just to try one; you may get a big surprise. After your meal, you must have some dessert as a beautiful ending, right? At Ivory Tower Café, they have four flavors of tasty waffles: original honey, caramel vanilla, matcha red beans, and chocolate fruit. If you have time for dessert, you must try one!

Even though the waitress gave us a really detailed introduction to their popular meals, we still spent lots of time choosing our meals – there were just too many tasty-looking meals to choose from! Finally, we decided to order their Bacon and Broccoli with Butter Sauce Pasta and their Beef Layers Stacked Lasagna for our dinner. Both of the dishes were very rich. The pasta had delicious bits of bacon with lots of powdered cheese, and the lasagna had smooth cheese with tomato sauce. 

To go with my dinner, I ordered a hot milk tea with a sweet smooth marshmallow on top, and Judy ordered a refreshing pot of Hot Sweet Orange with Yerba Mate Tea. Actually, before our meals came, something interesting happened; one of the restaurant’s cats suddenly jumped up onto our table and used its little hand to drink our water gracefully (click on the picture below to watch the video!). The waitress said that the cats sometimes did this thing so that the waiters and waitresses had to watch them carefully and bring a new glass for the customer after the cat was satisfied. We had never seen anything so adorable so closely before; it was really fun! If you are there, this may also happen to you – if you are lucky!

We were very happy to enjoy our meals at Ivory Tower Café. If you go there, you must take lots of pictures with the cats! That will be a delightful time with your friends. We highly recommend the “Beef Layers Stacked Lasagna” because it really tasted rich and fragrant. The unforgettable taste will come back to you in your dreams! Ivory Tower Café is a really comfortable place to have a meal; you really have to try it!


Hours of operation:
Weekdays: 13:30-02:00 (closed Tuesdays)
Weekends: 11:00-02:00
Address: No.5, Cinghe St., Situn Dist., Taichung City

Price of the average meal: NT$80- NT$220

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