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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Beautiful Garden in Taichung ─ 秋紅谷

Cindy Chiu & Vera Tsai

  No matter how busy and strong we are, we all need to take a rest. 秋紅谷 is a new park in Taichung, and it is a wonderful place to relax. Last Sunday, Cindy and I went to 秋紅谷 with our friends. We all agreed that 秋紅谷 is really a good place for everyone to take a rest.
Photos by the authors

  At 秋紅谷, the scenery is much different during the day and at night. In the morning, we can see green trees, colorful flowers, and other natural plants around us. In the center of the garden there is a big lake with many fish and little turtles. Seeing these natural creatures can help you relax. At night, 秋紅谷 becomes a good place for friends, family, and especially for couples. The soft light makes the atmosphere at 秋紅谷 very romantic. When couples go for a stroll in秋紅谷, they feel they are walking in a beautiful painting.

  On weekend nights, you can not only take a walk in秋紅谷 but also enjoy a live musical show. There are two different bands on Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes, some companies will also hold exhibitions at the garden. From April to May, Vacheron Constantin (a watch brand) sponsored a music festival in cooperation with Taichung City Government. The organizers invited a chorus, a symphony orchestra, and a percussion group to perform on stage. 

From November 2013 to January 2014, the Taiwan Teddy Bear Association is holding an exhibition of Teddy Bears. Organizer arranged 30 Teddy Bears in 秋紅谷 for people to appreciate an take pictures with. This exhibition really attracted a lot of people, especially people who love Teddy Bears. All of these exhibitions have helped make秋紅谷 famous.

After visiting秋紅谷, you can also enjoy meal or afternoon tea at 幸福小水舞. We really recommend sitting near the window because you will be able to view 秋紅谷 from a different angle through the restaurant’s large French windows.

  When you have finished your stroll through 秋紅谷, you can go to the  Shinkong Mitsukoshi or Top City department store to see a movie, or you can buy souvenirs such as Sun Cake, Taro Cake and Lemon Cake from specialty shops like YooToo Hometown Taro Sweets, for your friends.

  秋紅谷 has become a new place you must go in Taichung. We thought it was really relaxing. Next time you visit Taichung, we really recommend that you visit 秋紅谷. Bring some friends and have fun!

秋紅谷 Park

Address: 30 Chaofu Road, Xitun District, Taichung

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