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Monday, January 6, 2014

“The Hunger Game - Catching Fire” – A Movie Review

Ivy Jian and Yuba Liang

After we saw The Hunger Game 1, we couldn’t wait to see the prequel. Finally, The Hunger Game – Catching Fire is showing in theaters here in Taichung. We knew many people would want to see this movie, so we went to the theater at 3 p.m. and bought tickets for the 6 p.m. showing. To kill a little time before the movie, we went to Zhonghua market. This market is next to the cinema, so it’s convenient to find something to eat or drink. At the Sunrise Cinema, they don’t have the rules about the foods that you can bring into the theater, so we bought all of our favorites at the market. If you didn't see The Hunger Game 1, you might need some background information before seeing The Hunger Game – Catching Fire.
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In the land where the movie takes place, every year, 24 people (12 male and 12 female) from 12 Districts are chosen by drawing lots to participate in the Hunger Game. Each person between 12 and 18 year-old is eligible to participate. In the game, the 24 people will try to kill each other, and the last one to survive is the winner; this person will win wealth and high rank forever. Also, once they have won the Hunger Game, and they are excused from participating again. For these reasons, everyone wants to win.

However, the Hunger Game is not really fair. The rich districts such as District 1 and District 2 have many high-tech machines to train their representatives and weapons for their representatives to use, so the poor district’s representatives always lose. The hunger game has been held for 74 years and the purpose is to keep the disparity between rich and poor districts.

In The Hunger Game 1, Katniss and Peeta broke the rules. They both stayed alive, even though the rules clearly state that only one person can win the game. When Katniss and Peeta won the 74th Hunger Game, they became a symbol of defeat for the governments because they showed everyone that they could break the rules. 

The next year, during the 75th Hunger Game, there was a special “Sacrificial Ceremony” that is held every 25 years. This meant that Katniss and Peeta had to compete again with the winners of past competitions. These competitors were stronger than the competitors in their first Hunger Game.

At the 75th Hunger Game, the leader of the Game, Snow, had a secret plan to kill Katniss and Peeta; he thought that if they were killed, they would no longer be heroes and the world would become stable and peaceful like it was before their “illegal” victory. How can they stay alive – if they stay alive – is the story behind The Hunger Game – Catching Fire

Of course, in every movie, there is always a hidden love story. In The Hunger Game – Catching Fire, who is Katniss’s true love?  It’s a good question in the movie. One is the real love in her life; the other one is her partner in the Hunger Game. In The Hunger Game – Catching Fire, viewers get just a little hint, but they don’t really find out … they have to wait until The Hunger Game 3 is released!

The costumes in The Hunger Game – Catching Fire are much more luxurious than they were in Hunger Game 1. In many scenes, you will see how the rich always wear colorful and exaggerated fashions such as super high-heeled shoes, shiny fingernails, and head-dresses of fresh flowers. However, the poor wear bad clothes in just black and white. This is a hint that, in this society, there were two classes and that most poor were enslaved by rich people.

 Katniss and Peeta both come from poor families, but because they win the hunger game, they become rich. However, they cannot share their new wealth with their families, so they have to stay poor. Therefore, Katniss and Peeta break the rules of the Hunger Game because they want to break the caste system and make the world fair.

This is a really nice movie. There weren’t any awkward silences in the movie, and we felt it was exciting from start to finish. We recommend The Hunger Game – Catching Fire to anyone who likes action movies, and we look forward to part three, The Hunger Game – Mockingjay.

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