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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Miami Heat – They are HOT!

 Louis Wu and Eric Lei

Basketball is very popular all over the world. Most countries have national teams, and some even have their own professional leagues. Of course, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is the most famous in the world. There are thirty teams in the NBA. Among these teams, the Miami Heat (熱火隊) is our favorite. Because we love their famous players, excellent skills, and good strategies, we enjoy watching Miami Heat games.
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      The Miami Heat was established in 1988. Although the Miami Heat is a young team, they have been very successful. There are three famous players on the Miami Heat – LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. They are called “the Three Triumvirs” (in Chinese) because they are the Miami Heat’s leaders and have helped the Miami Heat win two consecutive NBA titles.

The Miami Heat have been so successful because they have good techniques and strategies. Three techniques are the most important: the three-point shot (三分球), jump shot (跳投), and dunk (灌籃) . The Miami Heat’s players have accurate three-point shots, and they can make jump shots very quickly. Whenever they catch the ball under the hoop, you can be sure they will slam dunk. One of the most important basketball strategies is how players deal with a bad situation. When they are in a tight spot, the Miami Heat’s players and coach think of many ways to solve the problem and then choose the best one. The Miami Heat’s players have excellent teamwork. They catch the ball and pass it quickly to another player, and they run plays correctly. They have good techniques and strategies and excellent teamwork, so we really love Miami Heat.

We enjoy watching Miami Heat games with classmates and friends. We study the Miami Heat’s techniques, and practice them. When we play games, we try these techniques. Although we don’t have excellent skills like our favorite Miami Heat players, we hope that if we practice, we might become at least a little more like them.

The Miami Heat has a lot of fans in the world, and we are two of their biggest. If you have an opportunity, you should watch a Miami Heat’s game. You will feel excited and will want to watch them again and again. You will love Miami Heat forever.

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