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Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend Fever

Lesly Liu & Shadow Chen

There are many outdoor markets in Taiwan; some sell food, others sell clothes or books, and yet others sell second-hand stuff. If you want to buy something fashionable and unique, there is a market called “Weekend Fever.” This market is sponsored by a company who gathers together lots of merchants that have already built their own brand but don’t yet have their own store. Weekend Fever gives these merchants an opportunity to display their special products and to show customers their brands. Market Fever is open not only on weekends but also during the week. To give different shoppers the opportunity to see these new products, the market is held at a different location each week. Sound special? We have known about this market for a while, but this time, we finally decided to see it for ourselves. We were not disappointed.

All photos by the authors
 To get into Market Fever, you have to buy a ticket. The regular price is NT$100 per person, but if you are a student and bring your student ID, you can get in for free. Otherwise, if you share “Weekend Fever” information on your Facebook page and show them your Facebook page at the door, then you'll also get in free; however, this Facebook free admission is offered to only 500 lucky people each weekend.

When we arrived at Market Fever, there were already many merchants there. Some sold clothes, pants, jeans, blouses, and coats; others sold accessories such as hats, bracelet, earnings and rings. Still others were selling bags, scarf, sun glasses and tattoo stickers. 

However, the most impressive stand was the one selling lip balm called “Little Fairies.” The vendor had a big wooden three-sided cart with many racks on it, and each rack held a row of test tubes. Each test tube had a piece of paper inside indicating the scent of a lip balm. The whole stand was quite special because the fragrances of the lip balm were very unique and the packaging was also very cute.

We bought some things at different shops at Market Fever. One vendor, Surprise, sold cute stickers and clothes. We both bought some stickers, but I (Shadow) also bought a white T-shit. Then we went to Bad Queen. Here, they sold many types of jeans and some coats. I chose a pair of jeans and Lesly selected a coat. The seller said that if we bought them together, she would give us a discount. Therefore, we bought them without any hesitation. 

We also went to the stand run by the famous couple bloggers, Raven and Pai. They were very nice and kind, and we enjoyed taking pictures with them.

This was our first visit to Market Fever. We thought it would be a big market, but it was not; it was a small, cute market with lots of people buying and selling. The vendors are very kind, and you could bargain prices with them. If you want to buy something fashionable at a reasonable price, we recommend that you visit Market Fever soon!

Market Fever

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