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Monday, January 6, 2014

“Yes Man” – Movie Review

 Kane Chang & Anson Wang

Have you ever felt so depressed about everything that you didn’t want to do anything and just wanted to be alone? If you have, then you should see this movie – Yes Man. Two weeks ago, in Life Philosophy class, the teacher showed us this movie. Before watching the movie, I felt very upset because I just knew that I had messed up on my midterm exam and there were still endless assignments that I had to finish. By the time the movie had ended, however, I felt full of energy. This is because Yes Man will give the viewer lots of positive energy; we promise you will not regret seeing it.

Carl Allen, the main character, is played by Jim Carrey. He is a bank loan officer and he lives a static life. When his wife suddenly suggested that they get a divorce, Carl became dispirited about everything. Then one day he heard a speech which would totally change his life. In this speech, the lecturer told him that no matter what he encounters in future, he should always answer, “yes”; otherwise, he will get into trouble.

Yes Man is different from other comedies. Generally, comedies make you feel happy just for a while, and you really don’t learn anything from the movie. However, Yes Man is a movie that motivates you to do something meaningful. Moreover, in the script of Yes Man, there are many great sentences we can learn from. For example, Allison, the female character, played by Zooey Dischanel, said, “The world is a playground. We know that when we are kids, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.” This means that we should stay curios about everything, just like a child.  Although we all know that saying “yes” to everything can’t always end well, I found some wisdom in the movie – that by saying “yes” you open yourself to new people, opportunities, and experiences that you never thought possible.

This movie told me that I should be curious, opened-mined, and brave enough to face challenges. We always make excuses to avoid learning something outside of class because we always think we are too busy. I think we should be like kids, always curious about everything. For instance, this year I am taking an information management course which a lot of students give up on; however, I didn’t drop the class. Although the course was extremely hard to pass, and the professor gave us a lot of homework to do, I still insisted on taking this class. In the class, I learned how to use complex statistics software, and I now can use that system to complete financial management reports. Thanks to this movie, I didn’t give up on that class; if I had given up, I would have regretted it.

Yes Man is not just a comedy, but a movie with lot of positive energy. We highly recommend this movie. Next time you feel down or lack energy, try saying “yes” to this movie; maybe it will change your life!

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