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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Restaurant Review – Mini布朗

Jacob Hung & Amy Chen

In Taiwan, brunch restaurants are everywhere; however, few of them are really special. In the Feng Chia area, there is a well-known brunch restaurant named Mini布朗. It is famous because every meal is freshly-made when the customer orders it. Also, the prices at Mini布朗are low. Therefore, I decided to have a meal in Mini布朗 to find out for myself just how charming it is. 

All photos by the authors

 To get to Mini布朗, I just walked down Feng Chia Road and then turned left on Xitun Road. I saw Mini布朗 on my left after about one minute. When I arrived at Mini布朗, there were already a lot of people lined up outside the restaurant. Then I looked into the restaurant and found a board standing up in front of the counter. 

There was some information about the menu and how long customers would have to wait. After waiting for a while, it was my turn to enter Mini布朗

The decoration at Mini布朗is simple but adorable; there were some kitten dolls lying on the counter and many small landscape pictures hanging on the walls. The color of the walls was ivory, so it felt very warm. The sweet music that they played at Mini布朗also created a cozy atmosphere. It felt very comfortable.

When I got to my table, I read the menu. Mini布朗offers bagels, burgers, pastries, hot dogs, sandwiches, and set meals. Beverages include coffee, black tea, milk tea, and juice. Most of the beverages came in both hot and cold. The prices at Mini布朗are moderate; the average meal costs about NT$69, and drinks are about NT$45. For an additional fee of NT$30, you can upgrade any main course to a set meal, which includes one appetizer and one beverage.

I ordered the French Breakfast set meal. When my order arrived, I was amazed because the portion was much bigger than at other brunch restaurants. There was ham, French bread, fried chicken strips, scrambled egg, salad, and a cup of hot milk tea. It was really quite a lot of food! Moreover, each dish was delicious, especially the French bread and scrambled egg. There was honey on the French bread, making it fragrant and a bit crispy, soft, and sweet. It tasted wonderful. The scrambled eggs were also great. It was one of my preferred dishes. The scrambled eggs went well with ketchup and sauce, and tasted very smooth. I really enjoyed my meal.

I had a good time having brunch at Mini布朗. I could spend just a little money and have a delicious, freshly-made meal. It was really a great experience that I can’t wait to repeat. Mini布朗 is a wonderful place for brunch, especially for those who want to enjoy a big meal at a reasonable price. If you have time and a good appetite for delicious food , Mini布朗 is your best choice.

284-11 Xitun Road, Section 2, Taichung 
Hours: 06:00 – 13:30
Phone: (04)2452-2365

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